a typical sunday consists on...

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a typical sunday consists on...

Last Sunday of the month ladies smiley

what is your typical Sunday about, i usually get up and i get the kids ready to go to church, i make sure they have breakfast before we go, after church we spend some time either with family, friends or just us (my family) we love to take the kids off to nature places, they enjoy it as much as we do.. time goes by so fast sundays that when don't even thought about the hours we have spent together, to finish our day we get home and shower (all of us) and it's movie night, we watch a movie the kids choose and usually our kids end up falling asleep.. and the day is over!

..sometimes i rather stay home and spend some extra time to get things done around the house or just to relax myself while the kids and daddy spend some quality time..
let us know what is your Sunday about.

Our Sundays are very laid back. Sometimes we'll take the minions out for breakfast at some place like Waffle House and other days we like to wait until lunch and get Firehouse Subs instead. The kids love the food and soda machine there and around here kids eat free so why not?

After breakfast/lunch we head back home and my husband and I will usually play a video game together for most of the afternoon. Sometimes we watch a movie. The kids get to do whatever they want until it's time to get ready for bed. Since it's a school night I'm strict about a 7 o'clock shower, 8 o'clock reading hour, 9 o'clock bedtime. I'll gather laundry in the evening to wash and while that's going my husband and I will generally watch a movie or episodes of a TV show.

About once a month there is a roller derby bout (tonight being one of those nights). On those nights I head out around 4:30 to sell tickets at the door. My husband is in charge of the minions' bedtime routine. If I go to the afterparty I won't get home until after 10. If I come home straight after the bout I'm usually home a little past 8 or 9 at the latest.

Writing it all out makes us sound really boring, but honestly it's a really nice day. And during the summer when we're not as strict about bedtime there is a lot of leeway. We often spend all evening outside, either swimming with the kids or watching them from the patio. Sometimes we'll wait until later in the evening to cook out and eat hot dogs outside during dusk and watch the sunset before we head inside to watch a movie. It really just depends on the season, I guess. School nights are never as fun as summer nights. It's part of what makes summer so precious.

From Saturday to Sunday we usually leave our bedroom door opened, in a way our cats can sleep with us if they want... They usually do. And we usually stay on the bed till later, and one of the excuses use to say "but there was a cat sleepping on my feet, if I moved it´d wake up" :p

Then, we have a light breakfast while checking e-mails/forums/games/whathever else we want on computer, get dressed, and go to the open market that happens on Sunday morning where on weekdays is a huge parking lot. There, we buy all the fresh fruits and vegetables we want to eat for the week, and sometimes have "street fair pastels" (as we call here in Brazil) for lunch.

The rest of the day, depends a lot what´s good and nerdy to do on that weekend: If there´s tabletop RPG sessions, fan club meetings, someone´s b-day... Once in two months or so my brother visit my mother and then we go there and tag along all the noon and the beginning of evening. If there isn´t any kind of appointment, or we don´t deceide on a place to go we just stay at home cleaning it, playing with the cats, watching movies and doing our stuff at the computer...

every Sunday is different for us. some consist of me goofing around on the computer until my fiance gets home from work then we both sit on the couch doing nothing, some of them are "roomie date" days where the 3 of us go out and do something but more often than not it's just the 3 of us hanging around the living room watching TV and being lazy bums! LOL smiley

If I had my way - nothing! I'd love to lounge around, have a bagel and coffee and just enjoy a quiet day with my family!

@Wren: i agree with you school nights are not as fun at summer nights, i love summer and i hate taking the kids to bed, even though i love the peaceful time my husband and i spent together, but that's how it is.. i love enjoy reading your comment it doesn't seem boring to me.. smiley have a good one & thanks for sharing!

@Lorien: it sounds like a perfect weekend, specially the part where you guys go over the "open market".. sunday is such a perfect stay at home day!! thanks for sharing!!

@Sharilynn: i love those kind of sundays when we dont go anywhere and spend the whole day together at home doing nothing, just cuddling, cooking, baking, cleaning etc.. perfect sundays for me!! thanks for sharing!! smiley

@Glenda: if i had my way i would do the same, Nothing!!
my Monday-Friday schedule is so tiring that sometimes i spend the weekend at home doing nothing and i would an extra day between Saturday & Sunday!
thanks for sharing.. smiley

Our Sunday varies from week to week, but one thing is pretty constant....church. So usually Friday night or Saturday morning, after brunch, we figure out what we'll be doing over the weekend (in particular, Sunday). Sometimes it's yard work or house cleaning, sometimes we go on a "day trip" & play tourists, and sometimes we hang out around the house & have have a little siesta (watch a movie, play a board game, if it's summer....swim or bbq, if it's winter....go sledding, make snowmen &/or toast marshmallows over the fire in the woodstove, etc.). There's always something to do... If we're really tired, we nap. And Sunday night is "youth group," so my hubby & I get a little downtime during that.

If I'm home on Sunday, I'm probably doing school work. If I went larping that weekend (usually one weekend a month) I'll be driving back, eating lunch with friends, and sleeping hard. I go to Mass at some point. My parish has four masses I can attend, so I'm pretty spoilt. I just pick whichever one fits into my schedule that day. Whenever I move next, I have a feeling I won't get to do that!

I always try and relax as much as possible on Sundays. We usually go to church in the morning and then I like to spend the afternoon sitting on the couch watching tv, maybe working on some crafts while I do. Yesterday the sun was out, so I also enjoyed some outside time, but I think winter is fast approaching, so it will mostly be inside relaxing time.

@Lizanne: your weekend sounds very interesting and fun, i love toast marshmallows.. it seems you guys like to keep busy during the weekends.. thanks for sharing!

@Amber: you're such a lucky woman.. thanks for sharing!

@Marisa: sounds very relaxing, i just can't wait for rainy days here in California, i'm done with hot days can't wait for cold days, i'm so excited.. smiley

As of right now since my hubby works on Sundays, we don't attend church like we should but rather listen to our favorite Pastor on the radio. I try to get caught up on some designs and my kids just kind of do their own thing in the house. My 2 year old likes to sit in my lap and act like he's typing on the computer when I'm trying to create things (messes me up sometimes, lol) but that's an everyday thing, not just on Sundays. smiley

@Priscilla: same here sometimes we don't have time to attend to church Sundays either but we make it up during the week smiley my youngest daughter messes my work sometimes (when she's on my lap and if i let her sit on me, lol) she prefers to play/crawl around her brothers and take away their toys (which i think is funny for a 1 year old) i just love Sundays!! Thanks for sharing! smiley

My husband goes and stays with his quadriplegic brother almost every Tuesday and Sunday night (our family takes turns doing this, we refuse to put him in a nursing home). So, Sunday is generally my "me" time and I get alot of catching up on the computer done.

@Kari: that's says a lot about your husband Kari, you're such a lucky woman, i also like to catch up on pending stuff during the weekend if i have some time off lol smiley

not a whole lot. I tend to invite myself out to someone elses place for dinner cos I'm usually too knackered after a long hard week to cook

@Janae: my kitchen is closed Sundays so we will be eating out that day smiley more time to spend with the family.

@Samantha when I had my own place, I either cooked double for Sunday on Saturday or I put the crockpot on Saturday to have something. I loved having one day a week that was work-free.

@Amber.. i love saving time by cooking double and spending that extra time doing my obligations.. i wish i had a full day work-free, but my kids are so little that that is impossible for now, mommy is always busy..

sundays we usually do what ever we feel like ,,sometimes we go out and about ,sometimes we sit around the house watching movies ,sometimes i cook a lovely meal other times we get a takeout

Every Sunday is different, sometimes we are lazy, sometimes we catch up on stuff that needs doing, sometimes it is a family outing day and we explore somewhere new or go to a favourite place. It depends what the weather is like and how busy the week has been and if everyone just needs time to chillax and recharge their batteries. This weekend we are off to my nephews 3rd b'day party and the rest of the day will probably be split between housework and doing nothing.

Tracey: Thank you so much for sharing, sometimes all we need is sit back and enjoy the day, especially if it has been a rough week..

Wendy: Sounds very interesting, thanks for sharing!

one rule on a sunday ,,,,I NEVER do housework lol

my Sundays are just like any other I play on my laptop, eat breakfast, try to avoiding looking at anything like laundry or house work, play on my laptop, eat another meal. once in awhile I do break free for a shower LOL.

Spend time with my family.

Every Sunday (well almost every Sunday) my 3 adult children and their families come over and my dh cooks a big Sunday dinner.