Starting Art Journaling? Any resources/products you recommend?

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OK -- I'll go and start one right now for everyone to share their creations!!! smiley

Note: To anyone NOT totally familiar with our gallery rules, We will have to share these from our blogs or other galleries, like photo albums, flicker, etc for the time being until we decide if it is advantageous to create a gallery for other types of art.
Right now we're trying to keep it pretty simple and pertaining to layout inspiration and PS challenges since that was the vote we had a few months back as a community. smiley

So enjoy sharing with all of us that love this art form in this thread I created over here.
And continue to share your techniques finds here in this thread here. smiley
There is also this ISO thread that is great for art journaling findings, templates, supplies, brushes, etc.

@Violet: there may be more response if you copy-paste your in search of doodleg request into a new post and title it "ISO: doodles (free)" or something similar. That way we can all see it, not only the artjournalers. I'll have a look around, but not tonight since I'm off to bed now... Well almost anyways... smiley sigh, I spend way too much time here... smiley

Violet: I started it for you here... so we could start getting some awesome suggestions. I love the doodle type stuff too!!! smiley

Thanks Shawna, I should have thought of that, was a little too tired to be as super helpful as you always are smiley

awww shucks... well your good on my bad days and vica versa... we balance each other out well. smiley

bumping to the top in case any one who hasn't seen this thread had any more ideas or places they'd like to add to the discussion as this is one of my things I will be adding to my goals list next year. So a tad for selfish reasons LoL smiley

I'm a little late to this thread - but i just joined. I've been going through the awesome resources available in the forum, and found this thread. I love art journaling! It was art journaling that lead me to scrapbooking in the first place. I do mainly hands on journaling, and mixed media jewelry, but this past year I've been on a mission to learn photoshop. Hubby gifted me with a wacom (bamboo create) tablet for my birthday last year. I then discovered that drawing digitally, and drawing on paper are very, very different.

I signed up for a whole bunch of classes this year (i'm a stay at home mom whose kids are now in school full time) in mixed media techniques, that I now want to incorporate into digital techniques. I've been making doodles and drawings that I want to make into brushes - just haven't had time. I'd be happy to share once I start making them. Youtube has been a life saver for photoshop tutorials - I blew my crafting budget with the classes I've taken/taking with Jane Davenport, Christy Tomlinson, and willowing. smiley

Has anyone tried using art rage 4 for digi art journals? I purchased it on Friday, and so far, I'm having a huge amount of fun with it. There are a ton of brush types, and its incredibly easy to create your own stencils in it.

@Jennifer, I don't know anything about Art Rage, except that I've heard the name. I'd love a description if you feel up to it!

@Violet - it's a painting program that that allows you to draw/paint/sketch/stencil/etc on a variety of backgrounds.It also features a ton of built in and editable brushes for oils, watercolour, ink, marker, pencil and so on. You can import and make stencils (or brushes) quite easily. I've never used paint shop pro, but it might be similar to that. It's very intuitive and easy to use. I've been working in art rage, and then bringing elements and stencils into photoshop to add layer styles - and make brushes. I hope that helps - I just started using it on Friday, so I'm still just playing around.

@Jennifer, thank you for explaining. It sounds amazing! I'd love to see what you've been making.

No problem! I've been posting daily art journal entries on my blog (through my profile), the last few have been done in art rage. I also just downloaded a free trial of Corel Painter - which is even more robust. Bigger price tag though, and goes beyond my current budget. I'll play with it for the month at least.

Journaling is so cool, i have a doubt, at journal and mixed media, there´re shadows? Cause to me, i see more stuffs like painting and texture etc.

Scrap Art Studio,, has wonderful kits and tutorials on art journaling

@Marlyn: That's a good one!

I found another lady that has moved over more to art journal type stuff the last year I guess. I remember her as Outside the Box but she is now called Altered Amanda. Here's her FB page and here's her forum call art journal alley I think it was. I also signed up for her newsletter from her FB page and got a free kit. smiley