Need some moral support

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Need some moral support

I have an addiction you guys... to good deals on digi scrap supplies... lol. no, but seriously - Sweet Shoppe is retiring hundreds of items and I'm trying so hard to control myself and not buy too much. why do they do this to me?! lol.

I've only been at this for a few months now and I already have a stash of kits that I haven't even touched!

Does anyone have any ideas of how they talk themselves out of spending too much $$$$ on digi supplies?!

I'd like to know too because I spend too much on crafting stuff in general.

The way I talk myself out of purchases, not just digiscrap supplies, is figuring out how often and how soon said purchase would be used. I justify my purchases so I rarely overspend. Hope this helps! smiley

I ask myself..... is this a want or a NEED? That's usually all the reality check I need when I'm thinking about buying something.

yes till it stops! - the money that is ...then you just CAN'T buiy any more lol

@ Janae... Lol!
@ Lizanne, fortunately I've got a little wiggle room in my budget for wants!
@ Sharilynn, I try to do something similar mentally. I just feel like it takes me way too long to come to my decision.

I guess that's the other part of my problem... The time I spend window shopping. It's like - I must see all of the pretty things!!

The way I keep myself from buying too many digi supplies, I ask myself if it is something I would use in those colors, or will the colors be easy to change to a color I want, or is it something I can create myself in a color I know I will be able to use. I have found over the years, that even buying digi supplies on sale, most of the time, I don't use them all because the color isn't what I need, although I like the design. And just changing the hue or saturation to change the colors on jpegs, doesn't give me the look I'm going for, so unless the sale is on templates, or something I can color myself, I have been able to stay away from sales. When it comes to "real" supplies, that is another story... LOL.

The way I keep myself from buying too many is asking myself the following questions:

• Do I really like the kit?
• Am I going to use it?
• Do I have the perfect pictures to scrap using the kit?
• Will I be able to use it for other kind of pictures??
• Can I find a similar(colors) kit from another designer?
• The kit is worth the money I'm paying for it?

Those are some questions I ask myself, hope it helps, I do the same thing with CU items! ^_^

I've found that the kit HAS TO have something truly unique and it has to be in the style I like to scrap. Whether that be color scheme, elements, something. I have so many kits, that even color scheme is hard. But if the theme of the kit is perfect for something I will use I'll buy it. Otherwise I pass. That's even on FREEBIES. It's easy to want to download every PRETTY FREEBIE you see, however, if I know from the jump I won't use it, or it's not in the STYLE I scrap, I tend to pass.

Jiovanni makes some good points!
I do similar but I also wait ....
I save the link and give myself a week to think about it
going back every day or so to view the kit/kits
if you are still undecided dont buy it!
(I also apply this to clothes shopping)

The answers have been great... some funny and some helpful.

I however will be useless to your delihma... LoL If I have extra money (which isn't too often now-a-days, I can spend it however I want... LoL) Now once I have kids, I'm a very logical reasonable person, so I would be like easily guilting myself out of ANY purchase. I can buy them food, clothes, a toy, something cute or special, blah blah blah... but for NOW extra money goes to the house buying fund, first (but if it's a small purchase I usually get something for myself or hubby). The best way I've learned and know to deal with it, "the shopping bug" personally myself is DON'T even LOOK!!! then no temptation... LoL (at least in theory) smiley

I used to buy many kits when I first started out, but calmed a little when I added up the total spend.
Now I look at the kits I have and often re-visit them to use and play with things like colour changes and overlay blends which gives them extended use. It can be a lot of fun to see how many ways you can use them.

There is something about having a fresh new product/design to play with that is so much Fun and I guess that's the addiction x

Oh my goodness, I was wondering how much stuff you got at the Sweet Shoppe sale, Catherine. smiley
That's another fun thing about digi-scrapping shopping wise. Instant gratification!
But it's SOOO easy to spend $$.

I think Michelle mentioned it, but I take a wait and see approach as well. Since I have accounts at most of the stores I like I fill up my cart or wish list or whatever, then I let it set for a few days. I'll periodically go in an check it over and update, then closer to the end of the sale I'll buy. This approach helped me buy only 40 things at P&Co's last dollar days sale instead of all of them!

I do the wait and see thing too... narrowing my cart down can be hard sometimes! Reason eventually kicks in and I'm like do I really want to spend that much money on digi supplies when I can get all I want for $5/month at Pixel Scrapper?! lol... I ended up getting 3 kits and a half pack of templates at the Sweet Shoppe this weekend. Now I just have to make sure I use them!!

I started this thread 3 days ago when I had almost 20 things in my cart for around $50! =-O lol

I know. Me too! You did better than me though. You pinned all the Ju Kneipp and Zoe Pearn kits I bought. I thought for sure you were buying everything you pinned smiley

I think I'd cause my husband some sort of severe illness triggered by stress if I bought everything I pinned last week, lol. It was so so so hard to pass on those Ju Kneipp kits! Half of my problem is feeling like I'm missing out, so I pinned them to admire their prettiness and inspire me later. (If I ever go back and look at them, but at least I know they're there for safe keeping... *e-hoarding* lol)

If its something that takes my fancy and has papers that I could use in my craft projects, then I still buy - I can't stop from stocking up on digi stash eithe smiley

It really helps me to have so many good freebies available. I love the variety of things available here at Pixelscrapper, and every morning is like shopping as I use up my points. I also really like the freebies at shabby, and Because of these three sources I really don't need much else.

One thing that has helped me to slow down the purchase of digital supplies is the thought that I am buying something that doesn't really exist!

I have so much actual scrapbooking supplies that I collected for so many years just sitting in a closet. It is a tangible reminder that I will not use everything I buy.

Moral support is always important, especially in the world of digital designing. You can become so frustrated because you cannot complete a design, layout, designer's kit, or any other form of creativity that involves designing. So, I would offer advice: clear your mind and then think of good and meaningful thoughts, relax and take a nice walk, drink plenty of nice brisk water, surround yourself in a nice soothing setting or environment, and even interact with people that gives positive encouragement.

Totally agree with the WAIT and's nice to be able to browse the "digital" stores everyday as opposed to not having to take a trip back and forth to the store, trying to decide.

But delayed gratification is key to handling that addiction problem.

Also word to the wise @Catherine, now that you are uploading here at Pixel Scrapper, and for others with the Subscriptions here...I've found that I don't even go looking hardly at at all any more. Plenty here and the rest of my time, I'd like to get back to actually photographing and scrapping!

Otherwise, when I did actually scrapping, I looked for things like stickers, and a few colored papers, but my style steered away from busy patterns. When I went digital, I look more for the elements, and unique themed apposed to paper, just cause I usually want to again put the focus on the photos and match colors with something in the photos.

Good Luck. Here for moral support, and accountability!

@Laura... thanks for the accountability, lol. I'll have to come back here and let you know when I'm having another spender bender, haha.

I still have my tendencies to um well over indulge or spend too much. I don't buy anything online. However, Michaels is my second home which is often difficult. I try to avoid looking at the store ads or when I do feel the urge to go I try to make purchases on how often I will the item I am interested in purchasing. Sometimes figuring out how useful something will be helps. Also if you can keep a budget that may help too and keep it small. I'm gonna try that myself.

I hope some of these tips help.

I think in a way it's like clothes shopping. You want to have some "go to" interchangeable items that match...papers, basic elements, etc, that you could use in any kit, with any pictures, and then your super cute more individualized accessories that show off personality.

That being said...we won't discuss the fact that I overloaded our Dropbox, so I had to move my digi-scrapping supplies to the Skydrive, and then I filled THAT, so my husband had to get me my own External Hard Drive (EHD), and when I became dangerously close to filling that he said, "Geez, baby, I really thought my old small one would be enough, but I guess you need the bigger one." lol So now I have the great big uber huge EHD for my scrapping stuff (and I'm still using the smaller EHD too!)
Perhaps I'm not the person to be taking advice from on restraint! smiley

ugh ugh need to move here! A few of the digi shops unfortunately "don't service my area of the world" !!! I have to see them and weep!

I heard several years ago when I first started digi scrapping that some countries even have limited download per month, too; so they can't just download anything they want whether they buy it or it's free. I think Australia was one of those places, but there were others. I can't imagine being limited on my downloads per month. I'd max out in May and Nov every year when the awesome blog trains for the iNSD and DSD happen. smiley

I'm trying to focus on freebies for DSD, and be very selective if I do buy anything. I'm trying to be better this time around!! smiley

I don't know if it national or just my brother's provider, but they have a limited amount they can use a month in Canada. Until 4 years ago, we weren't able to get anything but dial up even though we lived inside the city limits of Evansville IN...third largest city in the state. I remember setting up many downloads when we visited my parents and they had high-speed. Or we would take the laptop with us to the library when our homeschool went, and it was downloading frenzy.

When we started sharing folders on Dropbox, we realized that we had to warn my brother, until we were able to figure out how to turn off his automatic sync on the Dropbox. smiley

@Catherine: You have your list ready? smiley Now is definitely an excuse to buy... smiley Me, I'm just trying to do some of the trains & I hope to play games over at SO tomorrow... I had so much fun last time (esp. during Pictionary, at the end, when all of us were extremely exhausted & got downright silly)... Hope to see you there!

I'm definitely going to try to make it to all of the SO events tomorrow, but that means I have to get up at 5am my time, yikes!!


Luckily I figured out before I Went to bed last night that I didn't need to get up at 5am, the first live event was 3 hours later so I got up at 7:30 instead. smiley