What are your plans for Halloween?

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What are your plans for Halloween?

Halloween is around the corner, I just can't believe it, with all the Halloween decorations up, my husband and I are going to a Halloween party at our friend's house, we are also going to an amusement park, we are still debating where to go, but either one I feel so scare to go already :S, we might go alone or with my sister smiley we are doing this on different days, and on the actual day, we are going to wear our costumes and take our kids trick-or-treating, and you know what that means, right? Candies=Cavities lol >.< my kids love candies, but we try to limit the amount, because it can bring serious consequences to their teeth, but we always have fun on Halloween, we get to see some original costumes, and we like that, I like when people uses their imagination to create something different than the usual smiley

And how about you? What are your plans for Halloween? Share it with us!

Just taking our little boy trick or treating with a few of his friends. We just have to find a neighborhood where the people actually open the doors! lol.
Have a great Halloween.

@Lucy: Your comment sounded a little bit funny >.< your neighborhood don't open their doors on Halloween? Wow, I know some people don't give out candy but not the whole neighborhood, lol, Well have fun any ways with your little boy smiley of course, go to a friendly neighborhood who are willing to open their doors! smiley

Happy Halloween & thank you for sharing! smiley

I'm excited to celebrate Halloween this year! It's been 5 years since I've been in the States, and this will be the first time for me to be an "adult" at Halloween. Never passed out candy before, and I'm really hoping some kids stop by. I'm planning to dress up as well, so if anyone else is just hanging out a home on Halloween like me, let's share our costumes online so we can get a bit more Halloween spirit!

No plans yet for Halloween, though living in Atlanta I'm sure I can find something Walking Dead related.
We are going to a housewarming on the 4th of November where people will be dressing up. I'm planning on going as a diction-fairy

@ Marisa: There's always a first time for anything smiley I'm sure kids will stop by to get some candies, they always do smiley specially if the house is decorated, and dressing up is fun too, It's only once a year, so it won't hurt anyone! smiley

@Amber: At least you are doing something smiley we all have different ways to have fun, some of us can't because of the weather, or other circumstances, but either way have fun! smiley

No plans here, this will be the first year we are opting not to celebrate

I'm not fully positive what's going on Halloween night for us but I'm hoping to dress up and pass out candy to all the kids in our complex/area. I've been gathering pieces for a "nerd" costume haha. White button up, tie with books on it, button up cardigan. All I need is a pocket protector and some tape on my glasses and i'll be good to go smiley

The weekend before Halloween, my fiance and I will be joining our roomie and a group of others to galavant the streets of Salem, Mass. Definitely looking forward to that. I visited Salem in high school for a field trip but this will be my first time as an adult and with no supervision so I'm definitely excited smiley

[@Kiana]: I wish we can do that, but with little kids is impossible, I don't like leaving them in the house while other kids are having fun outside!

[@Sharilynn]: Your costume sounds interesting >.< Have fun with your fiance, I bet It will be fun going as an adult smiley It's a lot different!

Oh, we'll also have a Mass at church, I'm sure. I just remembered that. And then the next day. And then the next day. I probably will NOT dress up as a diction-fairy for that.

Well, where I live there aren´t any halloween celebrations. Some years ago we used to carve pumpkins just to make sure no unwanted spirit would go in, but I´m not sure if we´ll do it this year. We maybe (but definitelly not sure - its more a no than a yes) go to the Zoombie walk - a nerdy event on the Nov 2nd when people dress and act like zoombies and walk through a part of my city´s downtown... At least is a slow walk - I can catch up :p

@Jiovanna, lol. I don't know, I guess living in a big city, people are jaded. Where I live, no one opens the doors. We've been living in this neighborhood about 6 years and it's been like that as long as I remember even before we had our son and started going trick or treating. Almost no one decorates their homes for Halloween and some of the houses are so creepy looking on their own that you don't even want to go to ring the doorbell!!! eep!
This is our 3rd year trick or treating, we always do find a nice neighborhood nearby and we give out candy too as we walk along since we can't be home to do it. smiley

[@Amber]: That sounds fun smiley Enjoy your day!

[@Lorien]: The zombie walk sound interesting, I have seen them in the news smiley It looks so real! Have fun!

[@Lucy]: Maybe the neighborhood was like that even before you moved there, I hope the houses are not haunted smiley or maybe they just need some improvement smiley But It sounds scary to know that the houses look creepy already, but anyways have fun with your little one smiley

Thanks Jiovanna, You guys have fun too! No the houses are not haunted. lol.

We have loads of trick or treaters every year here and I love it. I'm prone to giving out lots of candy, so sometimes my Sweetie will take me off the candy giving post. smiley I don't know if you ever saw the episode of Friends where Rachel gives out the whole bowl of candy to one girl dressed as a ballerina. Yep, that's me. lol smiley

[@Dee]: That's really fun, One day I'll get to do that, but for now, I have to take my kids trick-or-treating smiley, I wish someone give us the whole bowl of candies, my kids will go crazy! smiley lol have fun!!

We usually go to a harvest party at our church... The kids really enjoy it.

[@Lozenge]: That sounds fun, glad to hear that the kids enjoy it! smiley

Have fun too, Jiovanna! smiley

I don't like Halloween although I buy sweets to give out each year. I don't like scary masks!

[@Angela]: That's good, at least you will have some fun, giving out candy for the kids smiley

Okay, my Sweetie and I just spent $50 on candy at Target after using coupons and discounts! I'm still not sure if it will be enough candy, lol! smiley

No plans. We don't really celebrate Halloween in Australia although it is becoming more popular.

[@Dee]: It was enough candy?? lol >.< we got there early, we really got some good candies smiley and the kids had so much fun, even my little one, they were behaving and saying thank you to every person who was handing them candy! smiley

[@Wendy]: Maybe in the future you should go out and see how fun has becoming smiley

Jiovanna- I'm so happy your kids had fun! Since it was raining, I started giving out handfuls of candy because I didn't want to have too much left over, lol! That definitely made the kids happy - even with all the rain. smiley

[@Dee]: That was so nice of you smiley I'm sure the kids were very happy!!!