Mini Kit Challenge - Deadline Oct 17

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@Chickie: What a beautiful mini kit, thank you for sharing! smiley

Thanks so much Jiovanna! So sweet of you.

Beautiful minis! Thank you all for sharing! smiley

Great kit Chickie!!!! Thanks

I've been busy downloading these wonderful minis, and want to say thank you once again to all the great designers who are so generously sharing their time and talents. Amazing to me that so much variety comes from such simple directions.

Nadia - great interpretation of the Wonderland theme, vibrant colors and unique elements.
Cintia - love the monkeys, cute and appealing
Amanda - your color palette gives me the chills, very appropriate for winter
Samantha- love your color palette
Jiovanna - wonderful cheery and bright colors
Kiana - the sunburst pattern papers are really eye catching
Saskia - love the gentle, restful palette. Also downloaded your In Heaven kit. Thanks.
Becky - love brown tone palettes, so hard to find good ones
Andena - cute theme and should be very popular
Priscilla - Wow! neon Halloween. That will brighten the page.
Holly - Wonderful as always. Love the bone word art
Emily - Love the monotone palette, as I said above, brownish kits are hard to come by
Elif - cute kit, love the lace frame
Linda - beautiful. Autumn colors and theme kits are so useful all year round.
Chickie - Another great kit. The eyeball paper will be especially popular with the grandkids. Can't wait to get it.

Thank you all

@Harriett: Awww.. thank you for your comment smiley

@Harriet: i'm glad you liked it smiley

Thank you, Harriet! I hope you'll enjoy using it!

Harriet- thanks so much!!!!

okay...pamela here, newbie to scrapbooking and to designing for scrapbooking though I've been a designer in other craft/art fields for many years...this is my first mini kit..or kit. Had a blast doing this so thank you very much Marisa for this challenge. It helped me get to the "sharing and showing" part.
I hope I did this correctly

Download here

Drats..won't let me post a here's a link to the photo..

I can't figure out how to get it to work and it also doesn't go to my download link...:(

Pamela -your mini looks great! If you click on the little arrow near the bottom right of the picture on flickr it will open up ways to share. Click the HTML/BB Code option, then select the BB Code button. You can copy and paste that code into your reply and your picture should post. Sorry, I'm not familiar with Dropbox. Hope that helps. smiley

Thank you Amanda...Let's see if it works now...

pbdFall4Uzpreviewgallery by pamelabachmayer, on Flickr

here is a layout I did with it:

championsgallery by pamelabachmayer, on Flickr

Now let's try a download link:

to download

Since this is my very first kit, please....tell me if there's any booboos or something needs to be resized, etc.

I'd appreciate it so I can fix it and be aware of it for next time.
Thank you!

Well Miss Nadia, I am beyond impressed. I feel like a little girl in a candy store!

Really great kits made by everyone!! And thank you for all of your lovely comments on my Alice kit. It feels nice to share it with everyone smiley

Nadia: Your kits are very clever and creative! Great Job!

Pamela your mini is beautiful! Great job!

Great job with your kit Pamela!!! THanks

hi this is my first try at a kit hope u all like it.

@Pamela: Lovely kit, thank you for sharing smiley

Goodness, I am just overwhelmed by the talent at Pixel Scrappers. Everywhere I look, there are really beautiful kits, pieces and layouts posted... I am new here and didn't get to jump in, but I can't wait to see the next challenge!

Kari - you can get in on our November Blog Train!!!!

Here is my mini, but since I'm having so much fun with this I am extending it to a bigger one... I'll let you know once it becomes available!

Everyone is so creative on this site, I just love visiting to see all the great work. Here is my Mini Kit. It took me the better part of the day to create. Enjoy

Here is the link:

@Melouise - that is too cute, love the color palette you chose too!

@Cynthia - love the art journal feel to yours and a great color palette too!

Omigosh Melouise! That is so cute! Did you draw the girl yourself?

@Cynthia - I love your giant dandelion!

Thanks for all the compliments for my kit and thank you all for those wonderful minikits!

(@Marisa: really LOVE this type of challenge!)

Thank you everyone for the compliments on my kit and especially thank you for the free kits! I can't wait for the rainy day kit, that is lovely and the little girl is too cute.

I hope there are more challenges like this as I find a learn so much from challenges!