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I adore my Canon digital rebel xsi. I've used a lot of different brands and kinds of camera's but I love SLRS I have a point and shoot that I gave away to a friend because I love focusing the camera on my own. It goes with me almost everywhere. I fill up any space where I might be bored with chasing things around with it.

I have a nice Olympus point and shoot that fits into my purse, so that I can take pictures whenever. It takes nice pictures. I like the fact that I can take as many pictures as I want and it does not cost me for new film after taking 12 or 25 shots.

Im with tiffany! I use a Canon Rebel XSi, and I love it. Previously I had the XTi, and before that I had a Canon SD750 as my point & shoot. I much prefer a DSLR to a point & shoot, however the size can be cumbersome!

I just recently upgraded my camera from a Canon ISX130, or something like that, to an Olympus Pen model and LOVE IT. It's got the microchip lens of an SLR and the ability to switch lens like an SLR but not bulky. I can fit it in my purse, which is NOT a tote and totally love it. I noticed almost instantly the quality of the photo, but I am very much a novice still, and have a lot to learn with it! I still use my Canon for fun creative shots, but it lacks the shutter speed of my Olympus, and both cameras were under 250.00!

Hello everyone, just thought I would stop in for a moment and share what camera I use. I use Nikon, and have a D80, with hopes of upgrading soon to the D800. I love to shoot in RAW file format, and then take the pic into Photoshop and tweak them. Always trying to learn something new, and love playing around. Nice to meet everyone.

@Julie - also a D80 user with hopes to upgrade soon, just trying to figure out what that upgrade will be. D80 is a good little workhorse of a camera. I do not shoot in RAW because oh goodnight those files are big. Glad you are here Julie!

I use a Kodak point and shoot too and the pictures are often very blurry. I'm not sure if it's the camera's fault or mine since I'm on medication that causes moderate hand tremors. I'd really love the be able to afford a DSLR someday but, in the meantime, am looking for a good pocket/purse camera with image stabilization. I'm leaning toward Canon or Nikon because my son's Sony Cybershot died for no apparent reason while he was on an important trip. It made me leery of the brand. Another Kodak is definitely out, as my last 2 cameras were Kodak and I haven't been completely satisfied with any of them. Thanks for all the suggestions! It'll give me something to research.

i'm still using a canon point and shoot. someday i'll learn how to use a feature other than 'auto' and maybe upgrade to a dslr, but its not in the budget at the moment.

I currently own a Canon Xti, I bought 5 yrs ago which is my second DSLR. I also have purse camera, Canon Elph SD1400. I love it! I've been using it more because of the fun modes (fish eye and miniature effects). I am a Canon girl and have been from the get go.
@Melissa those photo's you posted are great. I really like the last one.

i've been wanting to buy the Canon S90/95/100/110 for sometime now (i have a G12) and i think this has convinced me even more! i've been wanting to learn more about photography but i end up using the auto mode all the time. i get so confused with all the settings so i've been checking out the posts in this forum.

I shoot with a canon 7d. I really want to upgrade to a canon full frame camera sometime in the future. I love my 7d though.

I have a Nikon D90 and love it.

I have a Canon t1i (an older Rebel series). It has better IQ than the later Rebel models, so I really lucked out on that particular impulse buy! It's served me well.

My camera is a Panasonic G1. I have always been passionate about photography and every new camera I bought had a longer zoom! The G1 was quite a leap up for me in that I have two lenses for it, but my health problems mean I rarely use it in situations I thought I would use it for (nature reserves etc). I have a small fuji camera for my handbag, but I have to admit it's there for emergencies only!! I like to compose each shot, my husband would prefer me to "just take the picture!!" Most of the problems I have are in the low light situations. Some of the newer camera are much better than mine in low light and have fantastic zooms so hoping to change my camera soon.

I shoot mainly wildlife so my main body is the Canon 7D, back up body is the Canon 50D. I LOVE that 7D!
I wouldn't mind a full frame (Canon 5D) but since I got out of the portrait photography game I really don't need it, unless I start doing more landscapes I probably won't upgrade to a full frame any time soon.

I have a Canon PowerShot SX120 IS and I really like it but as I learn more about photography I think I would like to upgrade to a DSLR.

i use a Panasonic DMC-TZ10, part of what is commonly known as the Lumix range. For a point-and-shoot it does take great pictures on good days and the image resolution is really good, but it still comes with all the limitations of a typical point-and-shoot. Like most of the point-and-shoot users here, i have plenty of blurry photos of my kids running away. However, i really, really appreciate its hardiness as i have butterfingers and have dropped it on hard ground many times, and it still works fine.

That said, i really look forward to the day when i can afford a DSLR and hopefully improve my photography skills. What model i'll end up with pretty much depends on what's available in the thriving second-hand market in Singapore that fits my budget and needs.

I have a sony Nex 5N an I love it. I hope to get a new wide angle lens for Christmas. I have a large purse/diaper bag/ camera bag and I take my camera everywhere. my last camera was the canon T1i but I love the my sony nex so much more. I still occasionally use my old camera (a fuji finepix s700) and have taken some really great pictures on it too. The best camera is the one you have with you, and a great camera will not make a great photographer but it never hurts to have the best available equipment.

When I was a freshman in high school I took a black and white film photography class and absolutely fell in love with photography. Being in the dark room and making prints from my negatives was so much fun. For that class I used my grampa's Canon AE-1 SLR. Completely manual, lenses and all. My senior year I took another B&W film class continuing my passion.

I didn't purchase a DSLR until about 2006, a Canon EOS 30D. Then I bought a professional body, which is my backup now, a Canon EOS 1D Mark III. Now my main camera is a Canon EOS 1D Mark IV. I shoot a lot of sports and this camera shoots ten frames per second, so it captures a lot of the action. I am looking forward to the day when I can afford the Canon EOS 1D X.

I am going to look into a Canon S90 & S95 to have a full manual camera that I can have in my pocket besides my phone's camera.

@Matthias: Hi there & welcome! Sounds like you might be my go-to person for camera questions... I'm a big Canon fan, too. My regular camera was a Canon EOS - loved it. For digital I have a Fuji Finepix, but I'm not happy with it at all. My hope is to get a Canon digital camera that will use the lenses from my EOS camera, when the funds are available that is. smiley My passion is landscape photography; but I have 2 boys & want to take pictures of them - be it playing basketball or what not. I've tried taking pictures of them with my Fuji Finepix, but rarely do I get any usable pictures - I mostly get streaks. LOL

I need a digital camera - I've been using my phone or iPad but I need something better - I have no idea where to start with my research - any help would be appreciated.

I think that I want an SLR but now I'm not sure. I keep seeing commercials for the point and shoot Nikon's. So, I'm more confused than ever.

it depends on your main reasons for wanting a camera and how you want to take pictures. Of course how much you want to spend! If you want ease of use and you don't want to fiddle with settings or lenses, I would go for a bridge camera, they have got fantastic zoom length and produce great results. If you want to learn all about settings and have different lenses then go for a DSLR, "they" say there is nothing to beat a DSLR for sharpness and quality, but if you don't take the time to learn everything you can't expect to produce the best results. Some people just like to snap away, get a good point and shoot! Technology has improved to such an extent that a good point and shoot will be all you ever need. First thing - hold the camera - does it feel comfortable in your hand? Next look at the controls - do they seem easy to use (not what they do, more are they fiddly etc) Does it have a view finder for your eye or an screen, which do you prefer? Camera shops will usually offer good advice and you can always "Google" for more research. Hope this helps.

I have a Nikon D3000 which I am still trying to learn. When I graduated high school (waaayy back in 75) I had a Pentax 35mm SLR film camera and a few lenses. Everything was manual, and thanks to a professional photographer who took me under his wing, I learned how to take some great shots.
I've rediscovered my interest in photography, and I'm amazed at all that the DSLR cameras can do. Sometimes it is frustrating to learn the new digital functions, but I am having fun learning!

I think I will jump in here though I am by no means a "photographer" and I have a lot to learn. My first good camera was a Sony Mavica which took the photos on 3" discs and had a 10x optical and 20x digital zoom. It was great but just gave out. So then I went to a DSLR Canon EOS Rebel XSI. Of late it was just not doing well so I just bought a new Canon EOS T4i which had some pretty good reviews. My goal for 2013 is to really learn about my camera and hone in on my photography skills.

That being said, I have decided since digi-scrapping I needed a small point and shoot to carry around at all times. The other thing I have learned is that it is really important to take LOTS of pics as you never know when the perfect layout will come about-the more pics the more opportunity for that perfect LO! So I had a small point and shoot Sony but really wanted to stay in the Canon family. So I researched and even called Canon to discuss what I wanted it for and what camera would be the right earlier this year I purchased a Canon ELPH 520HS which as I recall was in the $200-300 range. I have to say this camera is absolutely PERFECT! Even my sister who is a fanatical photographer was surprised at the great pics that I was able to take with it! Ultimately, if you can't afford a DSLR this is a great alternative. I even took pictures driving on the freeway home from up north in the mountains and I have to say that almost all of them were not even blurred! I was really surprised!

@Janet: a camera rep @ Best Buy directed me toward the Canon Rebel EOS T4i, too. It's something I'm considering, but the models higher up may be more what I'm looking for (just need to wait until they are more affordable & the funds are there). Let me know what you like about it, don't like about it, etc., after you've had a chance to play with it a bit. smiley I want to make sure this time I get a camera that will be good for landscape photography as well as action shots (kids playing sports, etc.), and more than anything I want it to be able to take the zoom lenses from my regular Canon EOS camera (rep. said I might need a converter ring, but that's about it smiley ).

@Lizanne Will definitely let you know as I progress. I thought of getting the 6D (I think that's the model) but decided I didn't need that expensive a camera for my photography skills. I have a Canon Zoom lens EF-S 55-250mm 1:4-5.6 IS from my EOS and it works perfectly without a converter ring. Also have a Speedlite 580EX II that fits perfectly. My sister has a Nikon and just upgraded but since she has several lenses she decided to stay with Nikon vice changing to a Canon (her daughter in law who does a lot of photography has a Canon). She had considered changing but it was less expensive to stay with Nikon. I know I read a lot and many professional photographers raved about the T4i which helped in my decision of which one to get. You mention landscape and I believe I recently read that a full frame camera was good for that. It is much more expensive though-my sister's new camera is a full frame, that was important to her. I might suggest that you call Canon and talk to their tech support (I think that is who I called) instead of a salesman. When I called I felt that the rep really took the time to assist me and help me to determine what camera would best suit my needs. I was really happy with them and she suggested my Elph and it is just wonderful and does exactly what I need it to do and as an added bonus MORE! Will keep you posted as I use the camera.

I am going to a Photography class with my brother this Saturday, more for portrait shooting though. The photographer actually pays for models for us to shoot so it should be interesting. I hope to learn a lot.

I have an old canon EOS 450d - love it. But I would like to buy a small camera for the pocket. Can see, that some of you have an s90 - would you buy it again, if you could buy a new one? Any suggestions/exerience?

I have the canon Xsi and I love it. It's light and easy to use. My husband has canon 30d

We have a Pentax K-7 DSLR which is pretty neat though now it is several years old and a bit "dated" when it comes to the latest technology...which is why last night I just ordered what I think will be an awesome camera, a canon sx260 (and it comes in the color pink! Not that was my deciding factor but definitely a bonus, lol). It is only 12 megapixels, but it has 20x optical zoom which I know I will love - I love the zoom lens on our DSLR, all except for how heavy it is to carry around! I am so excited for it to come and know it will be so nice to have a pocket size camera I can take with me everywhere I go. I was relying on my cell phone way too much for photos, and the photos were always coming out terrible plus low cell phone battery a dedicated point and shoot will be nice to have!

So because I work in the print industry specifically the business i work for prints photos to canvas and I mean we go all the way up to 60x40 inch canvas I need to make sure that the images I am taking are very high resolution, since this is the gift of choice that I give people smiley I personally use the Canon 6D and i have six lenses that I consider essential must haves. However I got my daughter a Nikon point and shoot and to get a good high res file I made sure to change the pixel dimension settings to the highest that the camera has, most people make the mistake of leaving the camera with the factory settings, and that is very sad because once an image is taken you cannot "add" pixels.