Photoshop Touch for Android

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Photoshop Touch for Android

Life's "little" challenges certainly do give us unexpected opportunity to broaden our horizons and learn new skills...
Because I lost all my electronic fun stuff (save my Wacom graphics tablet), my in-laws were kind enough to bless me with the gift of a Nexus 7 to make my life easier. And since I am a designer at heart, one of the first things I wanted to do was see if I could make scrapbooking stuff on it! smiley

Currently, I have Photoshop Touch on it, and it seems that I can actually make papers. I wasn't sure the functionality that PS Touch would have, but I can overlay and multiply layers and export jpegs, though I don't think I have any file size output control. I am so thoroughly thrilled to have even just this! You have NO idea... Lol, or maybe y'all do. smiley

I also have found an app to convert Hexadecimal color codes into RGB, because PS Touch won't let me input the hex. (Not to mention the word processing app, cloud printing app, Google Drive app, etc that has made this tablet SO incredibly and surprisingly functional!)

Anyway, I am just tickled seven shades of pink and was wondering if there are any other tablet designers out there, or anyone who might have some questions for me about PS Touch, tablet designing, functionality, or whatever...? smiley

Nice to hear how Photoshop Touch works. Thanks for sharing.

I didn't even know there was such a thing! I'd try it out on my phone, but I fear it's too slow and would drive me crazy!