How To Scan and Extract Items

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Looking forward to your buttons!

@Judy, thank you so much for the tip on adjusting your scanner settings. I'd never dug into the settings before and was astonished at the difference. My photoshop time will be so much less now. Thank you!!!

Thank you all for the great info! Does anyone know of a good action for PSE10 that would help locate and remove stray pixels and rough edges?

A simple stroke will alert you to any stray pixels. As for removing them, I always just do it by hand. Here's a tutorial on the stroke method.

So much good information on this thread! Thanks Cat for the tip about digital and optical resolution. I have an Epson Perfection 4490 that works pretty well but I've had it for years and that's good to know when I finally have to replace it. I like the idea of having a scanning "kit" handy. I've just tried to cover the scanner with sheets of paper hanging over the edge and this is such an obvious fix. Why didn't I think of that?
Does anybody have a scanner with a bed size capable of scanning an entire sheet of 12X12 without having to do multiple scans? Any recommendations?

Hi, I just saw this tutorial from simply tiffany about extracting if you are interested.

I am going to check my scanner (it's new) and see if it goes above 600 dpi and if the scanner light can be dimmed. I had never thought of either of those two things. I thought 600 dpi was a high resolution! Still learning here!

Well Donna: 600 is high "sort of"... As far as digital scrapping that allows the item you've scanned to be approximately twice as large as the original size. So it just depends on how much larger you want to be able to use it as. Say a 4x6 scanned photo at 600 would end up as 2400x3600 which 8x12 inches at 300 (which is a weird size so if you wanted to crop that to an 8x10 you'd lose 2 inches on one dimension).

I thought 600 dpi was a high resolution!

For digital scrapbooking and designing 600dpi is enough donna! The highers are used if you want to do bigger projetcts, like designing banners and promotional stuff.

thank for that clarification ladies!