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I found this cool website recently of an artist that creates her own fonts. They are amazing. With so many free fonts I wouldn't pay for any, but I thought it was interesting and fun to look at, and if I did want to spend money on it, I would definitely buy some!


I choose the font that best goes with my design. Sometimes it is difficult to choose just one because fonts can "dazzle" a project. So, my answer would be any type of fancy and grudge font.

I had my own hand-writing turned into font...and I enjoy using it a lot...

One of my all-time favorites would have to be Delicious Cake. Every bit as lovely as it sounds!

I always had a thing for Dom Casual ...dunno why

Oh, dear! It seems I'm not the only fontaholic out there. I have recently discovered FontSquirrel also - they have some unbelievable fonts that I have never seen on any of the other font sites I have trawled (*lots*). There's also a lot of great fonts on My Fonts (www.myfonts.com), both paid and free.

I couldn't really name just one favourite font, but my default in Word has been Calibri for a while now, it's nice and clean.

Okay now - you people have corrupted me AGAIN! I had my addiction under control and then I started reading this. I won't tell you how many fonts I have downloaded today - it's embarrassing. Now I have to start the 12 steps again!!!!

I love this one, but it cost $:


Groaaaan! My font collection was staggering --- now it is absolutely bulging at the seams! Haaaaaa,haaaaa,haaaa! But, I'm loving every minute of it. I was going to thank each of you individually who added to my collection but now I fear that I shall simply have to say a very Heart Felt Thanks to soooo many of you that I don't dare to begin to remember each and every one of you. Thanks -- you're all the best! smiley

That's a great tip Cat, thank you.
I don't have a favourite really.

*loves you guys*

My favorite font is whatever happens to work the best in the moment for me! I love so many of them, I couldn't choose just 1.

However, many of my articles I do in Enchanted, Sans-Light, Advantage and Andale Sans.

Oh I really like Bookworm too, for various projects! smiley

My font collection's gotten pretty large, too. And I found Font Thing no longer works on my pc, so I'm now using Nexus Font to view fonts for projects. I haven't set up definitions or anything yet, so if anyone is using Nexus & has any tips for that I would welcome them...

A fun font for grungy pages and titles is Rat Infested Mailbox. It isn't something you would use everyday but it makes a statement.

I have two favourite fonts ... the first one is simple old Arial ... it's great for simple to read pieces and also Comic Sans which is a fun and playful font and always looks good .... but I do use lots of other fonts as well ... I'm a font junky

I tend to stick to cursive smooth looking fonts I dont know why. I like the cleanliness of them.

Cat, I didn't know that tip! Granted, I haven't installed many since I got my new computer, but that is cool! I will try that! Thanks!

As for my favorite... I really like "handwriting" ones. I've considered getting my own done into a font. But for now, I like All That Matters and Falling Rain.

For whatever reason my computer didn't like Nexus font, so smiley I purchased Suitcase Fusion, but they are very similar. One of the main things is to make sure you don't deactivate any of the system fonts, will make your computer very crabby. I set up a library of my fonts and then individual folders like: bold, vintage, fancy, swirls, handwriting cursive, and on and on. I only activate the ones I want to use. If I forget to open SF before I open my document the next time it will tell me the font is missing, but as soon as I activate it again all is well. I really like having them sorted so I don't have to search through a huge list. I see you posted this a month ago, haven't been here that long so sorry if I came late to the party smiley

I choose the font that best goes with my design. Sometimes it is difficult to choose just one because fonts can "dazzle" a project. So, my answer would be any type of fancy and grudge font.

I agree with Monica Cloud, but the one i used a lot in layouts its definitely Scriptina

Really like to use the handwritten ones for journaling...somehow looks more natural.

I have collected a few fonts. They seem to be a passion of mine. I hope to get started creating using fonts. Thanks for all the great ideas.

One of my new favorites that I've been using for employee stuff at work is KG True Colors...she has a great variety of fun fonts!

I need to thin my heard, I am getting frustrated with some I collected that I thought would work well but are not as sharp as I like. But like about everyone here, I want more. LOL I considered buying a program to make my own but its a bit pricey, and not sure if it is worth the time.

Okay, I am not saying that I am addicted to fonts or anything, but I clicked Peg's link to DaFont.com, to look at "gushing meadows"... 1/2 hour & 31 fonts downloaded later, I had to make myself shut down that site. DaFont is one of my go to sites, but I guess I haven't checked out the new fonts for awhile. I use many different fonts depending on the page I am working on.

Thanks it does look "delicious"

I am right with you!

It must run in the Family!

I love Decorative Chocolate Box smiley , when I do my photos my copyright except the (c) is this font
I do have other favs but this one is definitely the best. smiley

Oh my..I am addicted to fonts...I could never pick one, lol