What's your dream vacation?

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What's your dream vacation?

If you could vanish to a beautiful and magical place where would you go and why?

I'd go to Europe, I want to see almost all of Europe. I'd add Australia to the list but I'm deathly scared of bugs as is and I'd probably die going there LOL!

Good answer! Exploring different places would be a treat!

Greek Island Hopping! The food, the culture and the weather...... totally enchanting! Not to mention those sunsets smiley

@Sharilynn: that's always been my dream, too. I only hope someday I can fulfill that. I'd also like to go back to Maui someday - I really felt at peace there.

I want to visit New Zealand and Australia, my mother was born in New Zealand and I have always wanted to visit there, but it will have to wait until I retire. Would love to go back to Scotland, Ireland and Wales. And of course, DisneyWorld is always a good place to go and be a kid again.

Greece is top of my list. Not sure exactly why. Every picture I've ever seen makes me want to go there. smiley

The only vacation we ever do is home to NC to see all his family mostly. I have a brother and do go to see him for a couple hours out of the whole week. I really would just like us to take a whole week and go somewhere like Nashville, Tenn. I think there are so many places to go in the US that I really don't have the desire to visit other countries. I guess after I see everything in US if ever would like to go to Hawaii but am a little old for all that.

The Maldives. I want to sleep in one of those huts in the ocean and hear the waves all around me.
Coupled with the fact that due to global warming it may be under sea level within my lifetime, and the challenge it would be for me to get there, it really is a dream, I think.

I think my number one destination would be Japan. I watch a lot of anime and I just love Asia in general, and I've never been there. I believe there are some cool walking tours you can do.

Each one of you named incredible and interesting places to visit. I think that having a dream vacation is a great thing, it gives you something to look forward to!

I'd go to Italy, especially Rome, Florence and Venice. And if I can could remember the little village where my great-grandparents lived.

The Maldives?

@Tiffany Johnstone, The Maldives?

Here's a picture.

Maybe if I ever get to have a second honeymoon I can go here.

I live in paradise already. I holiday every day ...LUCKY me! I am in a coastal town on a peninsula that is a huge rugged mountain range covered in native bush. Loads of beaches and rivers nearby ...and SUMMER IS COMING! yay!

dang I didn't mention where I was ...sorry ...I live on the Coromandel Peninsula in New Zealand

One thing I've always wanted to do is visit each of the States of the USA. This summer (2013) we covered a huge portion! smiley We literally went coast to coast: Maryland to Oregon and back again, traveling through 19 states. Counting the ones I've been to growing up, on my own, and married, I have been to 36. smiley Once I've been to all of the USA, I'd love to visit Brittain, Spain, Australia, and New Zealand.

Ireland, for a few reasons.

1.) My husbands ancestors are from the Waterford County area.
2.) My ancestors are from the Cork County area.
3.) I have a thing for redheads, (My husband is one), and I imagine Ireland has a lot of handsome men. My head would explode I bet! lol
4.) I love green, I imagine Ireland has a lot of beautiful rolling hills.
5.) I live in Newfoundland, which has been called by a famous Irish author, as the most Irish place in the world, outside of Ireland. I'd like to see how much the two places are alike.

so many places for different reasons ,here is my wish list of places to visit just to name a few ,my list would be endless
new York
hong kong

I'd like to go back to Ireland, it has to be one of the most beautiful places in the world,
I've done Italy and if that's your dream place you won't be disappointed. Wasn't fussy about Greece but the Aegean Sea Islands were totally awesome. I live in Canada but still (I'm 63) haven't made it to Newfoundland, been to every other province

I would like to start with exploring every state here in the U.S. But then I'd really like to see Egypt, and then lots of places in Europe.

My top place would be Ireland. My great grandparents came from County Down so I'd like to explore my roots there. Plus I've just always wanted to go. Second would be Norway smiley

I have always wanted to take my kiddos on a Disney Cruise. I would love to take them on the one with the huge water slide. I also would like to go to the Disney Island where they can feed sting rays. It would be so much fun watching their excitement and wonder!

I have always wanted to go to Ireland. Every time I see a picture or television program about it I just feel it's where I should be. I get heartsick for a place I've never been. My husband jokes that I must have lived there in a past life.

I would LOVE to go spend a week in the glass igloo hotels in Finland and watch the northern lights! In the dead of winter would be my preferred season, but I cant say my husband would tag along if that were the case!

I'm Italian by birth, but I live in Brazil since childhood, but carry the attachment to my homeland: Sardinia Island!
My favorite destination is always my homeland, my Italy, my Sardinia.