what is your favorite flavor of

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I love all kinds of toffee, fudge and caramel flavours.

Whatever happens to be in the frig!

It's definitely lemon or/and yogurt,but i also like strawberry.

Homemade peach using fresh peaches from nearby orchards is my absolute favorite. There's nothing more refreshing on a hot summer day! When I can't have that, I'm very partial to butter pecan.

I've only had peach ice cream once....from a small vendor with a roadside cart while we were vacationing down on Holden Beach....that ice cream was great!

I love Ben & Jerry's Karamel Sutra. It combines my two loves: chocolate and caramel. The soft caramel core is the best part though!!!!

coffee or peanut butter cup! But honestly, I'm really a vanilla girl because I love toppings!

Definitely Mint Chocolate, but before it was created my favorite was Chocolate! ^_^

Caramel and pecan! Raisins in rum is also fine!

are we talking about ice-cream.. mmm yum yum my favorite is: "chocolate brownie" have anybody taste this flavor.. 100% recommended smiley

MOOSE TRACKS! And anything with peanut butter and chocolate.

My husband is the ice-cream monster in this house - he'd eat ice-cream cones even in the snow! I don't really have a favourite - vanilla maybe or mint choc chip?

peanut butter and vanilla or chocolate together and then any kind of fruit flavor

ditto moose tracks. It's the BEST!

I'm a vanilla kind of gal... Plain ole vanilla is my favorite, with Chocolate shell and Marshmallow toppings. I will have Moose Tracks now and then, but I would take vanilla any day of the week.

Rocky Road is a favorite, although this summer I started buying Orange Sherbet a lot.

Holly -- LOVE Bunny Tracks! I'm in Missouri (near KC).

Strawberry, coffee (but I don't like to drink it) and Pistachio almond. smiley

Moose Tracks and Rocky Road!

When it's hot in the Summer and I have more of a craving for something fruity, I'll
get Breyers Vanilla Bean and in a parfait or even tall glass, I'll layer it with fresh fruit
and a similar Jello. Strawberry works great and is very refreshing on a hot day. smiley

Cake batter!

5 months ago when I originally answered it was mint chocolate chip but over the summer I was introduced to Talenti gelato...the sea salt caramel is to die for! when I want a sweet frozen treat, that's my automatic go-to now smiley

Vanilla. Yep, plain vanilla. smiley If I'm feeling fancy, I'll get French Vanilla. LOL Not a lot of options with lactose-free ice cream anyway. smiley
However, most of these other people in my house prefer "things" in their ice cream, so we usually get moose tracks or fudge ripple or mint chocolate chip. Of which I eat none. smiley

I'm pretty much a fan of anything chocolate - Rocky Road, Mississippi Mud, Original Chocolate, but I'm downright addicted to Cherry Garcia by Ben and Jerry's.

I would buy a freezer just to keep a stash of it in so I never run out.

Chocolate has ALWAYS been my favorite but anything with caramel is closing in!

Black raspberry cheesecake.

Plain ole strawberry for me, but preferably Haagen Dazs, then it's not 'plain ole' anymore:)

Don't have Ben and Jerry's here.

Chocolate marshmallow made by Turkey Hill Ice Cream. Yum!

I try not to eat ice cream anymore, because I have a liver condition that is associated with my PCOS, but, I do always love chocolate ice cream....chocolate anything really. Also, I used to always eat fudge brownie ice cream. I've never tried fresh home made ice cream. I'd love to someday. It would be ok in moderation because then there wouldn't be any chemicals in it lol.

Chocolate with a chocolate crackle in it ... everything chocolate

there are so many yummy ones. My favorite brand is Ben and Jerry. But there is one flavor that always makes me happy, and it is one of the simples ones: vanilla chocolate chip cookie dough. But I think it is more about the memories I have than actual flavor. The first time I tried it was in 2003, I think. Back in Poland there are no cookie dough ice cream, I was 21 years old when I ate cookie dough ice cream for the first time, it was in London on my first independent travel adventure. I felt like a little girl when I tried it. And since then I always reach for vanilla chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream.

Vanilla and passionfruit....