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On Vacation

Just a heads up to everyone: Jordan and I will be gone on vacation through the 18th. We are completing my life long dream of going to Egypt. It is also a bit of a homecoming for Jordan who lived there for 7 years, graduated high school there, and hasn't been back since. I think we are both feeling the strain and drain of trying to get the new Pixel Scrapper off the ground, and could really use some time away from the internets. Luckily, Egypt is only an hour away and the trip is all planned, so this looks to be like the first real vacation we've been on in a long time. We usually travel, which is a rather different thing (see Jordan's post here).

So, you won't be hearing from us while we're away, but we have our lovely moderators to answer any basic questions you have (thanks guys!). Please leave any problems or feature requests in the usual places and we'll attend to them when we return.

While We're Away

  1. There will still be new assets and templates every day. So just because I'm not here doesn't mean I'm not here, if you know what I mean.
  2. Take part in a challenge to boost your creativity.
  3. Be a part of the conversation. Leave a thought in one our great forums.
  4. Please continue to share what you love about Pixel Scrapper wherever you can: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. Every little bit helps.
  5. If you haven't already joined our growing club of supporters, take a minute to donate. This is our only job. So it's up to you (a lots of other yous) to make this a success.

Upon Our Return

We are counting on this vacation to renew our spirits, because there are about a million and one things we want to get done. Some things you have to look forward to after our return:

  1. New Designers. That's right, it won't just be me anymore. Variety is the spice of life and it's time we got some spiciness in here!
  2. Kits. I know some of you are already looking forward to this, but we're hoping to get kits up, so you can download it all at once if you prefer.
  3. Spring cleaning...in December. It may not really be spring, but I have a whole lot of stuff I need to get organized and uploaded to the site. If you've been wishing there were more templates available, get ready. Your dreams are about to come true.
  4. Winter Birds Kit and December Pixel Scrapper Blog Train. This may be the best kit I've ever made (IMHO smiley). It's hard to say. I really liked Bedouin Nights. But this one has glitter snowflakes...
  5. 30 Days of Christmas Giveway. I thought, gosh, we haven't had enough freebies happening here, we'd better give something away at Christmas smiley.

Hopefully that's enough excitement to keep us going to the new year. Who knows what surprises there will be after that...

Just wanted to add a few things that I'll be working on when we get back. The last couple of weeks I've been really busy with basic server maintenance and bug fixes, but I hope to make the following changes soon!

  1. Activity streams on user profile pages.
  2. Notifications of items you have already downloaded.
  3. Forum search capability.
  4. Country flags on profiles and in the forums.
  5. Statistics and comment notification for layouts you've uploaded.
  6. All kinds of exciting user badges.
  7. And much, much more smiley

Phew... now I'm really ready to go on vacation!

Have a PERFECT WONDERFUL vacation! with safe travels and and magical moments!

So many things to look forward to! smiley Thanks for the update. Have fun & safe travels!

Have a marvelous trip! I just want to say thanks again! I love this site, I wish I'd found it sooner, I wish I was able to contribute more, but I'm spreading the love as much as I can!

Go and relax! We won't make a mess of things, we promise smiley

Bring me a brick of the pyramids, pleeeeease! Of course, I am joking.

I hope you have the best trip ever! smiley

Have a wonderful vacation smiley

Have a great trip! I look forward to the Egypt kit! Be safe.

Have a nice, relaxing vacation! You two deserve it!
Visiting Egypt is also something I always dream about.
And I too am looking forward to all the wonderful things that will follow upon your return.

Don't forget to take lots of pics, we will want to see them on your return smiley
Stay safe and enjoy yourselves smiley

Have a nice trip! smiley

Wow! That's really cool you can go to Egypt! I don't remember where you said you lived now. ( I thought you lived in Arizona or something!)

It looks like a lot of great stuff coming up. I really don't know how you do it.

Just to let you know, I LOVED your kit Bedouin Nights and I am glad I did not miss it. The colors were fantastic.

Have a great vacation - don't get lost!

WOW...I am not that big and I am sure you can fit me in your bag...hee hee smiley

Egypt has been on my Bucket List for a while (along with many other amazing parts of the world) so to say that I am a little jealous is an understatement BUT the two of you must have a fantastic trip, travel safely and enjoy the sights and sounds.

Looking forward to seeing your photos on upcoming layouts smiley

Have a fantastic time!! It's over due and well earned! Take lots of photos to share when you return smiley

I wish you the BEST time EVER. You have both deserved this trip AND the vacation. We will try to make do without you, but with all the goodies awaiting us upon your return, I think we will be OK. But we will miss you nevertheless.

Best wishes & XOXO

have a great trip! i am planning to go to Egypt next year and i'm already excited!

awesome!!! hope you guys have an amazing trip!!! can't wait to see all the pictures!!! oh, and most importantly... stay safe!

Hope you have an amazing vacation. Takes TONS of pictures. I've always wanted to see Egypt smiley

So excited for you! Take lots of pictures and pamper yourselves. We will "miss" you. Jordan, so glad your so Techy. xoxox Beth

Have a great trip and take loads of pics to share with us all smiley

Thank you so much Jordan for "Notifications of items you have already downloaded!" That is such an exciting addition in my opinion. Have a great vacation. PS. I just donated and the credits appeared immediately! Woo hoo!

Have a great vacation!! I would love to see some pictures. Egypt is a place I'll never get to see but in pictures.

Hope you two are having a fantastic vacation. The closest I've been to Egypt was seeing the very edge of it while standing on my mother-in-law's patio in Mijas, Spain. Someday our little family will make it there. smiley

Looking forward to seeing photos!!

Have a great trip!!! I'd like some day go there too...

Can't wait to see some of those photos from the Egypt vacation! And the changes to the website have been wonderful. You both have been VERY busy, and we appreciate it.

Thanks everyone for your well wishes! We're back now and back to work! We had a great trip. I'll be sharing more about it, so stay tuned!

Glad you had a fantastic time!