What's your favorite Halloween decor?

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What's your favorite Halloween decor?

I love the human skulls and creepy looking spiders!

umm... anything with glitter! hahahaha! I have skulls, spiders, candlesticks, and pom-poms, all glittery. smiley
But for the windows/kids I like funny things, not scary. We have signs like "Broom parking only" and "Candy this way." My front door has a cute sign that says Welcome.
I may turn the door into a Minion (Despicable Me).

I have lots of pumpkins and gourds sitting around. That way I can leave them up until it's time for Christmas.

i like the spiders & spider webs, also i love pumpkins.. smiley

Pumpkins and Autumn leaves are the perfect combination for me, It makes a great decoration for my kitchen, I don't really like decorating my house with scary things smiley

I love pumpkins and gourds; and definitely the gel window clings in all shapes and sizes, and of course anything glitter smiley