LAD Oct 2013 Prompt #11: Use your favorite song

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LAD Oct 2013 Prompt #11: Use your favorite song

Make a layout about your favorite song, or use it as a title or background, or some other way!

My favorite song: Top of the World by the Carpenters.

I have way too many favorite songs. They change almost daily, depending on my moods and I use songs in my layouts a LOT!

Here's my layout 20/20.

Loving this challenge! So fun to use songs in our layouts.
Great pages, Ladies.

I don't have a favorite song but a lot of songs that I find very beautiful. I love many different kinds of music. Made this with my own kit for the designer challenge october 2013.
You can find it here on my page for downloading the mini kit.

28/31 Take it Easy by the Eagles is another favorite song.

credits in the gallery

Heard this on TV in a young talent show from Sydney, and this song stuck with me.
Not my fave, but I've been singing it for weeks.

this would have been my 8/15

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