Favorite Horror Movie?

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Favorite Horror Movie?

Hmmm...I love the Friday the 13th sequels, as well as the original!

I'm not a huge fan of horror movies, but I do like the funny ones, like Warm Bodies.

Warm Bodies was wonderful!

i'm not a huge fan of horror movies like my husband is, but i do sit with him and watch a horror movie even though i'm covering myself with a blanket or pillow or even my hands.. lol
anything scary i guess..

As long as is scary is good to me, I don't have any favorite ones, because I don't watch scary movies more than once, like other movies smiley

I'm quite partial to the Halloween/Friday the 13th movies as well as the Freddy Krueger ones. My roomie and I are pretty big fans of all the 80s horror movies and the new remakes as well, but definitely all the 80s movies. We've been watching a Halloween marathon over the last few days and laughing over how terrible everything is smiley

LOL - the words 'horror' and 'favourite' don't go together in my book. Absolutely hate the genre (I don't know where my kids got their love for horror movies from, certainly not from me!)

I was thinking about watching that movie, I heard good reviews about it. It is a different perspective from other zombie movies, especially 2 love interests! Who knew you could love a zombie, interesting!

I grew up watching some of the scariest and well known horror movies, from Halloween to Child's Play to Night of the Living Dead!

I used to love horror movies but since my Brother was Murdered I do not like them.

Childs Play was a good one, and will watch that any time I can. Also, the first horror movie that came to my mind when I read the title of this thread was Ben. I still remember sitting in the movie theater watching that one, and holding on to the arm of my sister so tight I almost cut off the circulation to her hand... LOL And of course The Birds, by Alfred Hitchcock was a great "horror" movie although it probably isn't considered to be horror in the true sense of the meaning today. I prefer the "old" classic horror movies to some of the ones they are turning out lately.

This might not be a "horror" movie, but I'm pretty sure it is. I could watch the original Predator movie over and over and over, along with all the sequels, and the Alien movies. I just love love love them!! I also watched The Mist once, and even though I was 26 at the time, I could not sleep with the light off that night...... smiley

The Birds, yes! Oldie but a goodie!

The original Nightmare on Elm Street! Some of the sequels are good, but none compare to the original one.

Horror Movies are not what I'm interested in watching. I don't know how anybody can like being scared like that.

I like the classic black and white horror movies.

Pumpkinhead is probably my favorite.

none for me they are a waist of film

I agree @Danielle. I rather watch something else.

"The Grudge" (the first one) for horror.

"The Paranormal Activity" movies. Even though I know those weren't real stores, they made me jump every time.


I don't like horror movies, but once I saw one called "Hole" and it was pretty good (for horror movies...haha) xx