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Photoshop Actions

I thought it may be useful to have a forum were we can post links to great Photoshop actions...and in particular freebies.

My favorite company by far is Pure Photoshop actions. I have a majority of their sets and can definitely stand by the quality of their work. Their actions are so subtle but can be layered for a more dramatic look. They have a few freebies so that you can try them out (one of which is one of my main go to actions for most photos). Here's a link to their freebie page...
Pure Photoshop Actions

Another is Paint the Moon actions. They are much more dramatic and have a huge color pop quality to them. I only have the freebies and to be honest haven't used them all that much. That said...they may be useful for some people.

MCP actions also provides some freebies but again I haven't really dug into them.
MCP Actions

And finally, The Coffee Shop Blog. There's so many useful freebie downloads I don't know where to begin. I haven't really tried their actions...but I love their templates and such.
The Coffee Shop Blog

Do you know of any Photoshop action freebies?? Is there a company that you think does fantastic work?

If anyone has any thoughts on these or other freebies, let us know and we'll add some to our Quality List of Freebies.

My FAVORITE by far are the Oh SO Posh Actions

You have to like Lidia's facebook page to access them but the FREEBIES tab is right under her timeline.
I have a series of atleast 3 of her actions that I use for every portrait edit.

Oh So Posh Facebook page

Oh wow...I didn't realize there was a specific page dedicated to quality freebies. I'll have to check that out! Thanks Marisa. smiley

Katie, I follow Oh So Posh Actions...such a great lady with an inspiring story. Though I've never taken the plunge to purchase any actions. Are there specific action packs that you recommend?

The Bohemian Symphony Collection is the BEST, the skin glow action is a TREMENDOUS time saver compared to how I used to edit skin.

Skin Glow
Carnival lights
Final touches and
focus on me sharpening are used on every image of mine

and for my fall photos, "Oh So Boho" added that pop of rich fall colors that was just beautiful.

I bought the full collection when she had one of her anniversary specials and I paid only 40% of the regular price! I was SO EXCITED to get that deal.

If you like her stuff and are considering purchasing watch for her posts where she offers deals. They typically start at 8p.m. central time.

Fantastic...I'll keep an eye out. Thanks so much. smiley

I love the free actions Pioneer Woman provides. I use 'Boost' and 'Define and sharpen' almost always. I really like the fact she doesn't flatten your image, so you still have all the layers to tweak. De- or increasing the opacity gives you really nice effects.

And... she has the same actions for Elements users!