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Layer Styles

A layer style is one or more effects that are applied to a layer. You can find 10 different effects that can customize with from color, opacity, etc. You can save the layer style you created as an ASL file, which you can use on other layers.

You can also find a lot of styles on the internet. Some for purchase and a lot of free styles.
Do you know of any web sites?

Have you used layer styles.
How have you used your styles.

Oddly, I didn't learn about layer styles until relatively recently (maybe in the last 2-3 years..out of, like, 10? lol). But they're so helpful when trying to edit non-destructively! I use them constantly when I'm editing text (especially since Stroke allows for more flexibility in how "bold" letters are), and I LOVE having the ability to copy-paste the same effect on several different layers.

I haven't found myself downloading too many from other folks yet, but I do have a few from StarSunflower (link to her freebie styles is here). It was actually in tweaking one of those styles that I stumbled across my now-favorite method of making something look like a slightly-dimensional sticker! smiley I often use both actions and layer styles that I download as learning tools as much as anything - Photoshop is such a vast program, I feel like everyone has slightly different areas that they know well!

Here are some samples of how I used styles.

Here I selected a part of the picture and created a layer mask, refined the mask with a layer style. Than used a background to offset the layout.

Next I created a border towards the edge of the picture. Than used another style to add an outer color.

For this last one I selected the couple, refined the selection to feather the edges. This took the busy background out of the picture and brought more emphasis to the couple. Last the picture was placed on a background.

What have you used styles on?

I save the 'Drop Shadows' that I create and add to certain items, repeatedly. I save them to a folder of my own stuff. If I label the style to the type of image the drop shadow was added to, I can save all my Drop Shadows and use them as I need them. A label, for instance, might be 'Lace', 'Card Stock', or 'Ribbon-Thick'.

These can be found for sale in some of the designers' stores. But, really, you can create your own as you go.

A good source for all kinds of styles is Cesstrelle.DeviantArt or her blog, HG Designs.


Y'all are a wealth of information - I did not know you could save a drop shadow and I always think of layer styles for text. Great info - can't wait to try!

I use layer styles all the time, especially for shadowing and recoloring (color overlay). I downloaded a few shadow-styles, but I tend to use these almost always:

She also has a really-really-really AWESOME tutorial on the same page that takes your shadowing to the next level, trust me! I have learned so much from her! Oh, and; if you are there anyway: checkout all the other freebies on her site. She makes a different one every Friday, and a free template every Tuesday.

I also downloaded some ASL files for applying Glitter from Eyeinspire, who has a lot of great styles for free, and CU ok! Check this:

I also used Photoshop for a long time before I figured out that you could save styles. It makes adding shadows to things so much easier. I have a little tutorial here if you need help loading or saving your styles.

I see this is another area where I'm going to need to do some research and experimenting. I'm excited to check out some of the links and get started. smiley