Hiccup in free daily download credits

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I am so grateful for your amazing creative-sight and can't thank you enough for so generously allowing us these great free credits every day. Yesterday felt like Christmas came early with the extra credits, thank you soooooo sooooo soooo much smiley

That's so very kind of you! Thank you so much

Free daily downloads are a treat - thank you so much for offering such awesome goodies and for the bonus download credits! You guys simply rock smiley

Oh my gosh, that is VERY generous! Thank you, Jordon, and thank you, Marisa! I feel guilty accepting them! They are much appreciated!!!!!

Thank you!

Thank you so much for the extra credits

Wow, that is so generous. Thank you.

thank you smiley

Thank you so much Jordan!! I know running this site is hard work for you and Marisa and it's very sweet of you to offer us download credits everyday!! It's definitely a treat I look forward too. I may be more of a lurker than a poster but this is my favorite digi-scrapping community!!

well that's a bonus thank you, and yes i agree it is a privilege. even though we are given the credits it is still a way of getting freebies, and they are much appreciated. thank you again.

Thank you so much! We appreciate your wonderful service. smiley