LAD Oct 2013 Prompt #5: Make a list

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LAD Oct 2013 Prompt #5: Make a list

Lists are simple and useful. Put one on your layout.

1/21: Getting started quick with my September Review!

Wow, this took me SO long! But thanks to inspiration & motivation from the blog train and this challenge, I actually got it done.


Beautiful, Ladies!

Very nice work ladies!! Very pretty smiley

Here is mine. And you can find the download link of my Alice in Wonderland Kit here.

To Do List


#12/31 My shoppinglist.

credits in the gallery

Awesome Layouts is mine..
i made this layout named: "5 reasons why i love you" for my husband Eduardo smiley

here is the link to my Gallery!

oh my. Why are lists soo fun on layouts? I love these pages.

LAD Oct 2013 12/15
Nothing like waiting to the last minute to try to reach my goal! smiley

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