What's your favorite season?

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What's your favorite season?

Actually, I would have to say mines is winter! Winter is so cold and breezy, but you get to wear great comfy clothes. Of course, you get to show your style--->furry, fleecy, and smooth material.

my favorite season is Summer, but i'm starting to think is not my #1 anymore... i'm more into comfy clothes, boots scarfs, sweaters.. so i'm starting to like Winter more than any other season, Winter is such a perfect weather, i just dont like the idea of rainy days but i'm ok with the weather and the comfy clothes.. smiley

I used to like summer because is the season of my birthday month, but I can't tolerate too much heat smiley so I'm starting to like Autumn, cool weather but we still get to see the sun smiley

I'm torn between fall and winter. I've always loathed summer and sometimes I like spring. But definitely fall and winter. I love sweaters and scarves and hats and my really fancy peacoat haha. Plus I've always run warmer than the average temperature of 98.6 so the cooler months make me happy because I'm not constantly hot and I rarely need to bundle

Fall, fall, fall!! I love the lower temps, the colors, pumpkin everything, and the comfort food. smiley

Definitely Winter! Preferably with snow, even if it's just for a few days. I also found that creating layouts involving snow give me so much more pleasure. But Fall is a good second. Love all the colours and hey it has rain - the thing I like second best to snow smiley

Different seasons mean different outfits (new clothes), that's always good for me!

I adore the fall! The cooler weather (but not yet bitingly cold), the fluffy sweaters and jackets, scarves, long pants (I don't have to shave! yay! ;>), nobody thinks I'm weird when I wear sneakers all the time, plus with the first cold snap, MOST of the allergens outside are poof! gone! smiley

I love the Spring with all the flowers blooming, the trees turning green again and the warm days. I can wear my flip flops and go out without coats. It just seems like the world is Born Again.

Summer!!! I like the looks of flowering gardens. People also tend to get out and meet each other a lot more in the summer. Everything, including clothing, is a lot more casual. Love the birds, the feeling of warmth from the sun and the smell of BBQ in the neighbourhood. I love to feel sand under my bare feet, the sound of waves and crying seagulls. Yes, summer is my time of the year. Sadly enough I was born and raised in a part of the Swedish country that has the shortest time of summer, and somehow I have not moved. But in my dreams I live in a warm place nearby the sea, maybe in The Carribeans..... Isn´t dreaming nice?!!

summer. summer summer summer! ...and did I say summer?

I would have said winter - I love snow and frosty mornings and Christmas!!!!! However since we moved into the coutryside 3 years ago I have grown to love them all! I am still not keen on days that are hot and humid or days of endless drizzle (though I do like a good mild storm).

Winter is my favourite season. It reminds me of snow days when I was a kid, that, and the snow and ice makes everything look so pretty. It's not good for driving, but it does look so nice. smiley

I am thankful to live in a location that has four distinct, yet mild (at least more mild than a lot of other U.S. locations), seasons. I love summer; because we don't get as much sunshine as other places, we Western Washingtonions REALLY appreciate when it does come out. I love having the house open and wearing capris and flip flops. I do enjoy fall, especially if we've had a nice summer, which we did. I don't mind the clouds and the rain and the coziness they bring. The fall colors are breath-taking right now.