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DC by donation page

¡Hola! I've used the donation system. I would like to know when can I have those download credits: when I receive my credit card bill or before that?
Please forgive my english! (pixel scrapper is an every day practice of foreign language to me smiley

Sorry about the delay Mariana: you should have received your download credits immediately after donating! Perhaps when you finished on PayPal, you did not click "return to Pixel Scrapper"? I think perhaps that is why your donation was not processed (or maybe our site was down at the time)... anyway, sorry again for the delay! I've manually given you the credits, plus some bonus credits to help make up for the lost time smiley

Your donation is very much appreciated!

I have tons of DC's now! Thank you so much! I did clicked on "return..." but I've thought you have to came back from vacation or actually see the donation account before I receive my DC.
I really like the site.
Again, forgive my english. I feel like some people will laugh reading this smiley

Glad you got the DC now! And your English is really quite good!