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Going Back to the top button

I like the new look and feel of the site. How it just flows down without having to go from page to page.

As I have been working with the new look it occured to me that a floating button on the bottom of page that would return one to the top to the navigation menu without having to scroll back up would be nice.

How do you feel? I would love to hear your how you feel.

Leave a comment and or click the heart button to the left bottom of the starting thread.

Great idea, Judy.

It won't let me heart this for some reason... smiley but I want a back to the top button, too. smiley

I have wanted this feature for a while. Putting my vote in!

I would love this feature, too!

Vote! Maybe a floating navigation menu would be even better? (having the black top bar on screen all the time and let the content of the site scroll up/down 'behind' it)