Thumbs-up feature in addition to hearting/favorites

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Thumbs-up feature in addition to hearting/favorites

I thought it would be cool to have a thumbs up feature to click on when viewing someone's layout as an additional way to say you like it. The idea came to me because sometimes I don't have a lot of time to post comments on the layouts I view. Or some people are not very good with expression but would still like to let the person know that their layout is admired. I know we have the heart feature but clicking that constantly would save every layout. What does anyone else think?

There was a heart feature for just this. I do not know what happened to it.

There is a "heart this" button beneath the main layout image which can be used for this purpose.

I see the heart button underneath to the left of the beginning post. Nice to see it back.

I posted something like this in response to this thread, but I feel it fits here as well:

I think a thumbs up or a like feature would be nice. In my mind this is how it would work: the like feature would be mostly to give someone a thumbs up or something on their layout with out saving it to your favorites. This would be particularly handy when you want to comment but feel silly because 10 people before you have said the exact same thing...?

Kaleena said it better than I did. That was my thought exactly.

Ah, got it!

I've been thinking something similar myself smiley

Thumbs up sounds cool but I find if I like it I want that heart button lol

I agree with kaleena