Dec 2013 Blog Train: In Progress

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Dec 2013 Blog Train: In Progress

The theme is "Winter Wonderland." The blog train will go live on December 1, see here for more instructions.

Feel free to pin inspiration to our Pinterest board. If you'd like to be added to the board, please leave me a comment here.

Send me an email ( if you'd like to have the glitter files.

Yay! I'm so excited about this one. Should we use whatever shades we like for silver & gold?

i love the palette and the theme.. this is going to be another great blog train.. can't wait!! smiley

Oooh, pretty:)

Yeah!!! I am going to search for some inspiration! Nice hues.

#update# Here is my preview

Can I be added to pin to the board? Here's my pinterest account if you need it:

Also I've never done a Pixel Scrapper blog train. How does it work?

Love the colors,can't wait to start and to see all the awesome contributions.


Amber, you just create your mini using the color palette and upload it to the thread when it's posted close to Dec. 1. You can find more details here and here. We do them each month now, instead of every other month. Anyone is welcome to join.

After creating your mini it will need to be uploaded to your blog, or a storage site such as 4shared or dropbox. People will access the blog train thread on Dec. 1 to d/l the kits.

If you have any questions, just ask - people here are very friendly and eager to help. Good luck and welcome!

LOVE this palette! I can't wait to get started. I have a feeling this will be the best train ever...Hope we have a lot of participants. smiley

Great Palette!! Hopefully my mojo will come back from it's vacation in time for me to participate smiley

Beautiful color palette, can't wait to start creating my portion smiley

I´ll skip this one - well, maybe I´ll use the vintage one backwards, as this month flew through my hands somehow...

Yippee! I plan on having loads of fun with this!


I'd like to join this one as well. Thank you! (Nov 19 edit)
I posted mine at the end and just remembered that I could add it to this one...:) duh...

I plan on joining this one as well smiley I like this color palette.

I absolutely Love this color palette and theme!!!! smiley smiley smiley

This train will be so amazing with so very many talented people contributing to it.
I have a ton of ideas for this kit and will be working on it soon! 2 thumbs up on this color palette!! smiley

Such beautiful colors and I have to get to work since I will be traveling much of the month!
I have a question about colors I hope someone with experience can answer for me. How close to the color hue (color#) do I need to stay? I use the color#, but is going around on that color chart OK for depth and variety--or do we stay as close to the number as possible?
Thanks for your thoughts and advise!

@Donna; I usually start out with the #color, but with textures and overlays it will differ a bit - I try to stay close, but don't fret if I'm off a bit. Plus I use lighter and darker shades of the same color too. I generally try to start and end with 'purple' instead of starting out with 'purple' and ending up with 'hot pink'... smiley

Ok thanks. That is helpful!

My portion is ready and will go live on Dec. 1.

I prepared mine hope you will like it!
Will be downloadable in December on my Blog

Great color palette, count me in. I can't believe there are two kits done already. You ladies are fast!

Since I am fairly new to designing, I have a question about copyrights. Are FREE templates, masks, overlays, papers, elements, etc okay to use in kits I make? While I do enjoy designing my own stuff sometimes I will see something I really like and would like to use it in a kit. Also, in MyMemories program is it okay to use the stamps and embellish them to fit my kit? Are the textures & other black/grey line freebies okay to use once I embellish them?

@Karen Diebolt: depends on you got them. You have to read carefully each terms of use before using them to make a blog train portion...

oooohhh the colors are so great for a winter wonderland theme, I will start this week with my portion of the blogtrain, can't wait to see all the parts everybody will make

@elif and @Jamie....your parts are so very beautiful, I love them!!!!

Wow, you ladies are FAST!

@Karen: I don't know about the MyMemories program, but why not ask them? Most designers/shops are very willing to answer Terms of Use questions. As for making anything with free downloads - depends on how the TOU are. Most CU (Commercial Use) items can be used for making an PU (Personal Use) blogtrain part, but some of the CU items have the annoying fine print that they can't be used to create freebies... Lorién is right; if you decide to use someone else's designs, read the TOU carefully. Here at Pixelscrapper EVERYTHING is CU (when you've downloaded it as such) and OK to use for freebies!

I'm loving how all the colors look together, can't wait to finish my portion!! smiley

I'm going to be super busy this month with the holidays coming so I thought I would get my part done now!

The pallet was great to work with - I might have to make a Part 2 later if I can squeeze out the time. Can't wait to see everyone's pieces...

Those look great ladies. smiley

Wow! you ladies are fast, such a beautiful palette, and what a great contributions so far, can't wait to start mine smiley

This was a fun set to work on. Here's a preview of my part...

Winter Wonderland by zoenanai, on Flickr

Will be on the blog Dec 1st. smiley

Beautiful parts already!!!