What motivates you?

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What motivates you?

What keeps you going and functioning throughout your daily life? For me, it is my family because they are special to me. My mother is a good person and she is my adviser, my friend, and someone that I truly value.

For me it is my husband, my children, grandchildren and my dogs!

my kids are my number one priority so they motivate me each day to do better, they love what mommy does and that's my best reward, my husband is my other motivation to never give up and stay on track.. he has taught me a lot and he inspiring me to do better as a mother, wife and mom.. smiley

The family I created with my husband are my motivation to wake up every morning and to get things done, they give me the support, they encourage me to do what I love to do [Designing], they also motivate me to be a great mother & wife smiley

Mainly my fiance. He keeps me going, encourages me with everything, loves me unconditionally and is the best friend I could ask for. Also living with one of my best friends has turned out to be one of the best decisions of my life, the last few months of sharing an apartment with her have been wonderful and easy; she's been my right hand lady for the last 6 or so years now so living with her and my fiance is just fantastic. It's safe to say that I'd be lost without them smiley

lol the fire I light under my backside each morning! And it takes me all day to put it out! No, seriously, I can barely function atm, just draggin my sorry ass to get through a work day is HUGE! But I keep goin cos I hope one day it will get better smiley