October Layout a Day Challenge - Details and Rules

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October Layout a Day Challenge - Details and Rules

Woo! I'm so excited about this challenge. I feel that we are all going to be super productive and make beautiful layouts this month! Here are a few details and instructions to keep in mind:

  1. If you haven't already, leave your goal number of layouts for the month here. Don't worry if you're joining late! We're glad to have you.
  2. Please tag any layout you're counting towards your goal with "LAD Oct 2013".
  3. Please share your layout in the prompt thread that it completes. (If you didn't use a prompt, place it here.)
  4. When you post a layout to a thread, please also let us know your goal rate (as in 3/21, if it's your third layout for the challenge and your goal is 21).
  5. Have fun! I'll be posting prompts momentarily, and more will follow. Feel free to repeat prompts if you like them, or to do your own thing and ignore them completely.

List of Prompts

How about...
- using old school/vintage photos in a layout (something I've been meaning to do)
- including your favorite quote
- a layout FULL of pictures
- a monochrome layout

Don't forget to link to your layouts in the gallery on your forums posts! smiley It makes it easier for people to comment on them that way. Also remember to tag your LAD layouts with: LAD Oct 2013

Late to the party with rego! I have done 4 layouts so far that meet the prompts by coincidence. I will now try to do another 2 purposefully. That will be all I can do this month because I am travelling...so I really am pushing myself! smiley

So glad I did this challenge. It made me focus and get some scrapbooking done. It was also fun to see everyone else's layouts.