Any christians here?

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Yes, ma'am!

Christine, thank you for the link. Brooke - I love the miracles kit!

I am too!

I don't have any links for you but wanted to stop in and say I love this thread! Has anyone created a faithbook? I am reading the entire bible in the next 30 days and wanted to find a unique way to document my journey so I am thinking of creating a digital faithbook -

Good to "meet" all of you!

Myja, You are reading the ENTIRE Bible in only 30 days?! Wow! Good for you! I'm excited to hear how it goes!

30 days?! WOW I've only heard of doing it in a year... Good luck!

GO Myja! I've seen plans for 90 days, and I've heard of listening to it in 30 days, but not reading. I remember my first time through I was in High School, and it took me just under 3 years...I'm a slow reader...please I was journaling after it.

I've had a taped version for quite a while, and I'm almost through formating it so that it reads a portion from the OLD, NT And Psalms and Prv for the day, reading through in a year. (they actually go through Proverbs twice in the year). I'm in November and the days are between 12-15 mins at the most. I get more out of it when I read my NIV Read the Bible Through in a Year, and follow it while they read, it really helps me.

I've not done an official "faithbook", but have seen a few Bible Studies built around scrapping. And most of what the layouts I do, could go into one.

Do you have a PLAN you are thinking of following for your "FaithBook"?

how incredibly encouraging to find this thread! i love seeing so many other Christians in scrapping smiley i've found some Christian digiscrap and made some over the last few years but i'll have to figure out where things are and come back with links!! smiley thanks to everyone who has posted links in this thread i can't wait to use them!

brooke: i really loved your Miracle Kit! many thanks for all your amazing work as i really enjoy your style smiley

Was just wondering if any of you are prayer warriors?

My husband, is by vocation a minister, but currently working as a welder for a major auto dealer. We have been praying and working towards getting him out of the current 60+ hours a week, and into something more flexible, because God has been opening doors for us to plant a church in Princeton, IN.

If you're on Facebook and willing to pray for this new work on an "ongoing basis", please come by the page on Facebook.

True Life Church Plant Blog

Hey! Hello... Sisters in scrapbooking...awesome! I too smiley Jesus! He is my life. My hubby and kids and work and hobbies all follow. I was so happy to see this thread. I love hearing about your scrapping w/Jesus journeys and ideas. So great! It gives me much inspiration. I actually wrote out a bunch of Christian words / phrases as I was brainstorming the upcoming word art designer challenge. We'll see if I can put them together in a nice way. Great to see you all here.

@Laura - def prayer warriors over here. My husband and I will lift and agree for God's will and a straight path for the church plant. Many obstacles come when you're marching in the will of God for souls to be saved but we are more than overcomers through Him who loves us! Bless you and your work for the kingdom. smiley

@Laura: I'm not on fb, but I've already lifted this up in prayer... Hope it helps. smiley

Do you scrap with Biblical themed papers? I have been designing pages for a prayer book, that I have yet to finish! I thought it would be nice to have pockets in it to put people's names in, when I have promised to pray for them. I must do a "To Do" list of these projects I keep thinking about!

I am a Christian xoxo

Wow, so great to see so many fellow Christians on this site. Wonderful. I'm a Christian too!

Count me also in, sisters-in-Christ smiley wow, what a wonderful circle of God's beloved daughters. Nice to meet all of you xxx

great idea, @Angela!


Yes, I am a Christian. I pray that my heart shows the presence of our Lord within me.

I am a Christian, too.