Photoshop: magic wand and templates

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Photoshop: magic wand and templates

Hi - I am toying with a template and am using the "magic wand-paste into" functions to place a photo. The photo space on the template seems to have an overlay of some sort when I click the magic wand onto it, and when I do 'paste into' the photo pastes, but with the overlay intact (in this case, a pattern of hearts). I can't find this layer or overlay to remove it. Any suggestions?

(I suspect it's going to be something rather obvious and will kick myself when the answer is given...)

Thank you!

The left side of each layer you have an eye icon. You click to hide or unhide the layer. Do this to view where each layer is.

When pasting are you selecting the correct layer to past to. This will also make a difference when pasting into.

I've done the hide layer action and all it does is take away the 'paper' underneath; it still leaves the pattern/overlay over the picture I've pasted into... yet I don't see a layer for it. Maybe I'm just blind and don't see where that overlay (maybe it's a clipping mask?) is, but I'm getting relatively good at figuring out layers.

Just for reference, for those who have DL the current Digiscrap Parade FB-Blog hop kit ("Our Life"), it's the template by Studio Sherwood of the pics arranged in a circle; I'm attempting to place a pic where the heart is.