November's Here!

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November's Here!

So November's finally here and this is when things start getting really busy for everyone... What are you guys up to this month? What holidays and celebrations do you look forward to?

Finally November is here.. I'm looking forward to celebrate my husband's 27th birthday, our godson's 3rd birthday & thanksgiving with family and friends, lots of things to do.. and my to do list is getting bigger and bigger, it seems like an ending story, hope i get all done before thanksgiving dinner, I'm also cooking dinner for the whole family this year.. smiley so exciting!!

We've got lots of work to try and get done before our Christmas trip to Mexico. Also, I think I'm in charge of Thanksgiving dinner this year, a first, so that's something to be nervous about for the rest of the month.

Sounds like a lot of fun! I'm eloping on December 9th so the next few weeks will be getting pictures done to make announcements to send to our families, plus pictures for Christmas cards, filling out a marriage license, Thanksgiving dinners (which for us last almost the whole month because we have 4 different sides to see), November 10th one of the local news shows is recording a Christmas special at my uncle-in-law's recording studio so we're going to be around to watch that be filmed and I'll be helping out with all the food detail (can't say if I'm excited or nervous to feed like 50 people lol!) so I'm really looking forward to that. So much crazy stuff going on!

I still can't believe is November already, wow time goes by so fast, we are getting ready to celebrate my husband's birthday, we also started planning our son's 7th birthday party, I have parent's conference at my kids school, and of course we are also planning a great family reunion for Thanksgiving, is going to be a great month, like I always say: "new month, new adventures" smiley

November is the beginning of The Crazy for us. My birthday, Thanksgiving, Hannukah begins (Thankshannukah this year! Sweet potato latkes!), my oldest turns 4. Whew! And because we're overseas, I should be buying the gifts for all of this stuff...yesterday. Or the day before. The in December my youngest turns 2, and we're flying back to the States for Christmas with family. Plus my husband and I are hoping to get a weekend away in Salzburg, and I have a business trip to Kiev. I'm tired just thinking about it.

And Sherilynn, congrats on the upcoming marriage!

Here in Brazil we don´t celebrate thanksgiving - most of your thanksgiving traditions we do on Christmas + the presents thing. However, it´s a busy month anyway. We´ll have at least two events to sell our craft stuff - one of them is a celebration of Dr.Who 50th anniversary in a nearby city - and we are trying to get a 3rd one. There´s also my father´s birthday, and two holidays - the Republic Day and the Black Pride Day.

We have Tigger's first birthday on the 15th, then we have Thanksgiving for about 25 at my house (or my MIL's house- but either way I cook).

This year for Christmas, I am making a lot of special gift baskets for my nieces! So I am going to be really busy making things for them... Plus the family Christmas will most likely be at my house this year. Luckily, we aren't traveling so I should have time to juggle.

Thank you Alison! Sounds like everyone is going to be super busy for a while!

I'll be celebrating Thanksgiving of 'course (wish it was in October) & the day after is my birthday... (yeah, it's on Black Friday this year) Not sure if I'm going to be doing anything special or going anywhere - probably will just have a quiet time at home & venture out to a Christmas Tree Farm to cut down a tree (I like to decorate the day after Thanksgiving). We'll put that up, get the lights on & then start stringing cranberry-popcorn garland while we watch Christmas movies - a tradition I look forward to every year. This month I'll also wrap up any Christmas shopping I need to do for my nieces & nephew, so I can get their gifts shipped out in time. I'm nearly done - I started getting them things in August & am almost at the gift limits. smiley I like getting it done and out of the way early so I can relax & enjoy the Christmas season...

We don't celebrate Thanksgiving over here in the UK We have Harvest Festival which is more about providing food for those in need than anything else. Christmas is our next big celebration. For a lot of people it's not a good time of year. I wish we could get back to the real celebration of Christmas. I am still a child at heart and I love Christmas, but from the general remarks of others I meet, I am in the minority! Perhaps they are just worried about the cost of everything. It can cause a lot of stress. Congratulations Sharilynn, I hope your day is beautiful!

We just had a wood burning fireplace insert installed, so I'm thinking there is going to be a lot of cozy sitting in the family room drinking tea and scrapbooking!

As we don't celebrate Thanksgiving in Holland, I'm already looking forward to December and Christmas in particular smiley
But first my eldest and I go on a Christmas shopping trip to London on Dec. 5th - yayayayayay! And as my favourite Dutch actress was invited to play Elphaba in Wicked at London's Westend, we bought tickets for Dec. 7th and hope to meet her at the stagedoor after the show.
Any free moment in November will be spend designing Christmas graphics!

Sharilynn, congrats on your upcoming marriage. I hope the day will give you lots of moments to scrap later smiley

@Marisa - I did Thanksgiving dinner two years when we were living in Boston, let me know if you're looking for any tried and true recipes. (I'll have to go dig them up, haha)

Since moving to California we've been doing Thanksgiving at another couple's home, they're from our church and pretty much like our adoptive CA parents. I usually bring a sweet potato dish and a dessert.

Other than that I'm really looking forward to my birthday, which is the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. (sometimes it lands on Thanksgiving, like I'm sure Lizanne's does!)

I'm going to have to wait a few days for presents though - Black Friday shopping! My hubbie is spoiling me again this year, I'm getting a new monitor to hook up to my laptop so I can have a dual screen set up- so looking forward to scrapping that way! I'm also going to finally invest in a big EHD for all of my digi.

@Catherine: Thanks! My plan is to delegate all the cooking. I'm planning to watch the parade and give direction from the couch smiley

@Marisa: sounds like a good plan! let me know how that works out for you, lol.

I am trying to relax as much as possible this month and taking weekenders away at a friends place further up the coast here because come december, I will be working until 4 am every day for 2 months ugh ...goin to miss summer smiley

This year november is going to be a nice month with nothing much planned. Where down-sizing on gifts for Christmas so I wount be so busy shopping. I hope this year that I can enjoy the season better and not feeling so stressed out as I have been feeling before. I´d like tea and reading and lots of scrapbooking. But just cardmaiking for fun - not because I have to make 45 to send to people.

November is the month of birthdays in my family, with 8 (husband, dad, both brothers, 2 nieces, sister in laws, and grandpa), so when I am not eating cake, I will be eating pumpkin pie.

We have three birthdays in our immediate family in November! We call it cake month. We're so grateful when Thanksgiving arrives and we can get to the pie. LOL

I'm cooking for the holiday so I'll be out soon, looking for the perfect bird.