Would you download single quick pages?

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Would you download single quick pages?

Currently we only offer quick pages to download in kits. Before we make the necessary changes to allow them for individual downloads, we'd like to know if people would use them.

60% (32 votes)
39% (21 votes)
Total votes: 53

I personally love quick pages because I can get the benefit of a kits theme/colors without "buying" the whole kit. Many people don't think to personalize them by adding elements or covering some things with other things... you get the gist? So windy response, but yes to quick pages. xoxox Beth

I have seen many beautiful quick pages but personally haven't used a lot of them in my 2 years of scrapping. I don't know why really, maybe I just always think I have to start from scratch on a layout.

I don't use them often, but I'd prefer to be able to download just one, if I want one. Sometimes when they're in a set or kit, I don't want to get a while set just for the one I really like. I feel like it's a waste to download a set of 4 QPs and delete 3 of them immediately, if that makes sense.

I don't usually use QPs unless I have the whole kit & can add other elements to personalize it -- or sometimes just use the QP as inspiration to make up something *similar* from the kit, but say with a different paper or something. I almost never use the QP as is.

I don't normally download them because they usually have flowers all over them... lol

hahaha Lizanne, i totally get the 'anti-flowers' sentiment... I have the same problem but I must admit, when I find qp albums that aren't flowery, i tend to go nuts with them. I can churn out entire books very quickly using qp's and a few added elements and then use them for hybrid scrapping too.

Lol Emm... I have 2 boys & they really don't like the "frou-frou," as they put it. So no flowers or lace... But if the page is for me (which is rare, as I rarely get my picture taken - hate having it done) then I can.....but I'm more of a minimalist when it comes to elements so I still probably wouldn't download the qp's with flowers, as most seem to have a ton of flowers on them (in clusters)....I'm more of a 1 or 2 strategically-placed flowers type girl. LOL

I love being able to get certain pages without having the whole kit... easier for me when I just want one thing

I say "yes" to downloading quick pages. I love them! They are what got me interested in learning digital scrapbooking for myself. They are a perfect scrapping answer to a busy person's needs. As a consumer, you can always look for the ones that suit your personal needs, plain or dressed up. I vote "yes".

I love to use quick pages and would definately use them if they were available.

Quick Pages are just that...QUICK! Sometimes a person doesn't have the time to create a page from scratch or maybe the creative well is a little dry. A quick page can get a person thinking about scrapping again...which is a good thing!

I would download them for when I am pressed for time or just can't come up with an idea.

I would find it useful especially as a beginner.

Thanks for the feedback, everyone. Please keep weighing in if you would like to see single quick pages for download.

I do think QPs as individual downloads would be better - if I like a quick page, that doesn't mean I want a whole set of them smiley I'm a 1-page-at-a-time, non-theme-y book maker (if I even make a book) smiley thanks guys!

I think it would be a good idea. Sometimes we only want 1 particular page to go with our layout.

I have a large folder of quick pages and never use them because they never seem exactly right for what I want to do. I wish I could - especially now that my scrapper's well seems to have run dry. I think quick pages with the parts in them being moveable would be awesome since the frames etc would be resizable.

I think this is a wonderful idea. Not only would I download single pages, but once I quit
spending all my points and keep enough of them to get to 100, I will be happy to add some to
the Free section of the forum!

I think what you're looking for are QP Templates. It's more difficult to find those since
the QP's are usually made from elements in a kit. Most designers that sell their kits don't want
to give the elements away along with the layout, so they offer the QP's instead.

The way to get around the frame size issue is to line up your photo where you want it to fit
inside the frame and clip it to it. That way you can center or off center the main feature in
the photo, even if you lose some of the outer parts of the photo which usually aren't needed.

Hope this makes sense! smiley

Are y'all still considering this? I would love this option! I use QPs when I want to scrap something FAST or when I'm working on an entire album (vs just a single LO). Even if I don't own the whole kit, adding elements from other kits is always an option. I do prefer more simple LOs anyway, so the "fru-fru" ones are really not my style, and I'd like not to have to "buy" those when getting coordinating QPs.

I find QPs a quick way to get a photo scrapped when I'm pressed for time. I definitely think there is a place for indiviual QPs offered separate from a kit. It's especially helpful for those who have limited funds to spend on kits.

One scrapping site does a progressive scrap and at the end we each contribute a QP of our final product which are zipped and emailed to each participant. That makes for a very nice book since each page is created with very similar elements - choices from the kit we are using at the time.

yes please ...I clicked yes on the vote thingerator but I got a huge long error message, so I'm voting here smiley

I'd be more likely to choose a cluster rather than a quick page. They're more versatile.

If this is still open for discussion then I vote yes! I use QPs and also make them. When I first started with digital scrapping I started making QPs for one of the designers on a site I hung out on. Mine are more sparing with the elements than a lot I see which I think makes them more usable, since you can always add more elements if you want to. Any way, my vote is YES!