What is your favorite color?

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Anything purple will do just fine smiley

My favorite colors are brown (glittery as well), red, and blue.

I actually have two favorite colors; purple and red. If I can only choose one I generally choose purple which is the color I chose for the poll.

Purple or Grey

While I still love purple quite a bit, I've been leaning towards a lot of blue lately!

I love most colours but blue is my favourite especially sky blue on a sunny day. Purple is also good.

Sooooo.... purple wins :p

Question: Is your favorite color the one you use the most to scrap?

red is my favourite colour but its got to be deep dark red ,not so keen on the orange tone of reds ,my frount room is red and my wedding dress was red ,,my hair is bright red !! ,its all about the red !

No turquoise? LOVE turquoise, but as there wasn't a vote button... i went for blue smiley

Yes, teal, ooh so nice smiley

I love all colors but when I do anything or buy clothes it's all beige and grey, I'm sick of black clothes.
Why do the makers think PLUS size people only want to wear black???

I love mustard yellow smiley

I have 3.....purple,pink, and blue. I use all 3 quite a bit in scrapping because I'm still working on baby/toddler pictures.

Pink is definitely my favorite color. Mainly bright pinks!

I actually surprised to see some many yellow-lovers. My favourite colour has always been yellow ever since I was little. It still is:)

Burgandy...such a rich color and the color of wine!

Blue and Purple, but since I could only vote for one, I chose blue.

Blues for me.

I really like Green, Purple, and black but I could only choose one so went with my top favorite Green.

I love red, it's such a cheerful colour!

Also, red cars go faster!

I looove colors. All of them! smiley But if I have to choose one it will be RED.

Red first, golden yellow next ..the warm and sunny colours

Such a hard question. I have different favorites for different things. But in general I would say yellow. It makes me happy smiley

I have to say that for me it is the hardest question ever! My favorite color changes every day depending on my mood, I can definitely narrow it down to blues, yellows, oranges, greens and recently i'm crazy about pastels.


Love color and lots of it and preferably all together. Purple is top on the list, though.

mine is pink...reminds me of spring

my favorite color is purple. it is bright and always cheers me up.

turquoise and coral!!