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Okay here is my preview. Thanks so much for the glitters Marisa

Amanda, I love your trees, they look like pieces to a quilt!

Thanks Kari. smiley

Such beautiful kits so far!! I love how different they look, but all work together. This is a great palette! Working on mine, but hit a snag - have to sub three days this week and by the time I deal with 4th graders all day, I'm too pooped to scrap in the evenings! smiley But I'll catch up.

Here's what I came up with. I got so excited about the colors, I really had fun working with them--and don't know how to stop. Thanks for the glitter Marisa--I love sparkle!

I wasn't going to join this time, but it's just so much fun I couldn't resist. Here's what I did. I based the snowflake frame on one I have seen around the web but I made it my own. These are 8.5 x 11 papers since that's what I use.

The previews all ready posted are just wonderful! This will be another HD overload, I can all ready tell.

Ohhh... I love them all! This is going to be a great train!

Thank you Melouise and Lorien for responding to my copyright questions. I contacted MyMemories and they said it is okay to use "Implants" and put them in kits to sell as long as they are altered even just by color.

I do have another question, do the assets on this site work the same way? As long as they are altered can I use them in kits I design? Thanks again for all your help.

I love the vastness that this theme brings. Everyone's kits are just awesome. Great, great, great, I love them all.

Hi Karen... My understanding is as long as you download them under the commercial use license, you should be ok with putting them in your kits.

Everything looks so pretty so far! smiley I can't wait to see the rest!

So, quick folks enjoy getting an "extra matching freebie" from a Facebook page, or do you generally not bother to go and pick those up? I'm thinking very hard...can you tell? lol

Hi Janece, there are several who do - but I don't because I stopped using facebook earlier this year. I do pick them up if they are posted on a blog though...

Thanks Amanda, that helps a lot. smiley

I usually go only to the blogs too - But I´m planning to set a facebook freebie like this later in the month and compare its statistics...

You're welcome, Karen. smiley

@Janece - my FB freebie compared to my blog freebie for the Nov blog train received nearly as many downloads. So, looking strictly at numbers, I would say a good amount of people will follow-up w/the FB freebie as well. For me personally, it all depends on what is being offered. Though I almost always go and check it out, I might not always download it. Hope that helps. smiley

Thank you very much, ladies! smiley

Love everything so far!

Everyone has done a great job. I have not even started.

Hi ladies, I you are interested I will post here my Pinterest link for some photos I collected for inspiration for Winder Wonderland. Or just search Winder Wonderland and you'll be amazed at all that is there. Enjoy.

I have my part ready too:

All kits look so fabulous I can't wait till the next month! You rock girls!!!!

Beautiful contributions everyone, can't wait to finish mine! smiley

I'm finally done with my portion..
• • •

• • •
It was a wonderful palette to work with, i didn't want to stop, but i had too.. had so much fun!

I would like to be part of this blog train, so what do I do just jump in and make my stuff and post the preview here?
and hello Kiana, nice to see u here friend smiley

@Annu: You can join us! The more the merrier! smiley Marisa posts a thread at the beginning of each month where you can post your preview and your link. You can find more details here. This thread is more for chit chat.

I haven't participated here before but I think I will try it this month!

Will go live Dec. 1st.

Just a friendly reminder and a heads up for our first time designers: this post is for show and tell and friendly chitchat about the blogtrain. Your final preview and download link need to be posted in the sign-up thread Marisa opens up for us a few days before take-off. Please remember to mark your previews clearly with your terms of use (PU, CU etc).

Enjoy designing everyone! This month is looking wonderful already!

You guys do such wonderful work.

@Donna - Your set looks so soft! I don't know what it is, but I love the softness it portrays. smiley

Hello Annu!