CS5 vs CS6?

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CS5 vs CS6?

i was thinking about upgrading.. But is it worth it? I know it's amazing for 3D objects and stuff.. But when it comes to digiscrap and design do i get any new future to enjoy? smiley The one thing i know i get is one thing i will disable cause i don't like smiley And that is the autosave smiley

I also know there is some kind of photofuture like reparing blurry och broken images.. Does it work well? Cause that could be a lifesaver smiley

It's been so long since I upgraded I can't remember all what's new. They added a couple of tilt shift blur options in the standard filters - but you can easily do that without a filter, the cropping is different and the content-aware patching is better. I think they added new/improved warping (with a mesh). It seems like most of the new stuff is for video and 3d stuff which I don't mess with much.

I don't know about repairing blurry images. I use a Topaz plug in that helps with that to some degree.

I hope one of these days they will come up with a better way to look at your library of brushes and patterns. I would totally pay for that. And larger thumbnails would be nice too.

When I was taking a Photoshop class I asked about upgrading to the new version of Photoshop, which was than CS5. Her response was that we did not even get a chance to give CS4 a run or get our monies worth out of it. Get to know what we have and when we find that we are ready for advanced features take a look at the current version, which may not be for a couple of versions, since they tend to upgrade every few years. Who has the money to constantly upgrade. Even if we went for the cost of the upgrade it still will cost a lot. So I didn't.

I downloaded the free to try 30 day of CS6 and was not comfortable with it. I do not feel like relearning the interface. I am comfortable with what I have and the brushes, filters, styles, etc that I have collected.

There is something to say about the auto save. If you have ever done a lot of work only to have your system freeze. The only thing you can do is reboot your system. When you finally get back to Photoshop you find all you hard work gone. If you don't want auto save to overwrite your file, do a save as before starting or disable the auto save.

The question is, does the auto save feature warrant the expense of buying or upgrading to Photoshop CS6? Probably not.

I have downloaded the 30 day trial to take a look at the program. It has done away with a few quick access icons that were visible on the menu bar. Now you must access these items through the menu options.

Each time a new upgrade comes about there is a bit of learning your way around and making sure that the features that you use a lot are still there. If they are not, than what. Use both versions? Find a plugin that will help. Or find a different way of doing what is now missing.

One thing I examine before upgrading is will I be using the new features. If not than it is not time to upgrade. I wait for the next version to come out or maybe even the next one after that.

Oh autosave is the first thing i wouyld disable smiley So that alone is not worth it smiley I would ruin every template, overlay i have smiley

Tina it seems to be some features worth checking out smiley I hope they don't look to different smiley Like finding options and stuff at the same place smiley

Here is a list of some of the new features:
UI redesign
Auto and background saves
Content-aware Patch and Move tools
Blur Gallery
Color Range: skin tone and face detection
Crop tool
Properties panel
Video support
Oil Paint filter
Auto correction settings
Adaptive Wide Angle filter
Type Styles
Printing UI

You can go to http://www.dpreview.com/articles/2601746315/photoshop-cs6-beta-new-features-for-photographers
and they have information about the features.

You can also go to http://www.adobe.com/products/photoshop/features.html for information about the new features.

THANK YOU JUDY!!! smiley Think i'm gonna try it atleast smiley

There are features in CS6 that I have been wishing for ever since I started Photoshop. In the Layers Palette, you can apply a Mask or Layer Styles to the Group, itself, rather than to each Layer within the Group.

Then, too, Properties panel is priceless, to me! All the action, so to speak, takes place there, so, it is real nice. It opens whenever you click on a Layer's Adjustment.

I have also found that the Refine Edge tool has gotten so much more detailed and I love that! I can isolate and extract an object quite well in just a few minutes anymore.

Brushes don't have a 2500px limit - you can make them as big as you want!

When I first got CS6, or any newer version for that fact, it took me a week or so to accustom myself to the new features. Actually, I am not even sure I have touched on everything! But, now, honestly, I can hardly remember CS5! LOL

Thank you for letting me share here! To me, it was worth the update.


I'm so glad that someone posted this question. I was wondering what people thought as well. I'm still not sure I want to upgrade yet...am very content with CS5. Though, I guess it may be smart to try out the trial to see what I think of it during the not so busy winter months before the photography business takes off in the spring again.