Any Christmas Projects this Year?

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Any Christmas Projects this Year?

It's the best time of year for creativity!

As a family we love to make crafts (depending on the Holiday), Pinterest is a great resource for that smiley, we also play games together, I'm also trying to finish the layouts from this year to print them and put them in a album smiley

I'm sewing microwave bowl potholders this year. (Good for ice cream too.) I like to do something handmade for my family at Christmas, too much store bought stuff is expensive and half of it gets returned. I think my sister is doing photo calendars again. Love them!

Here's a link for the potholders.

I hope to make a Christmas swag (for my sled), a Christmas wreath (for my door), and an advent wreath centerpiece for my dining table... And if time & my body cooperates, I also hope to make some gingerbread 'heart' cookie ornaments (on top of stringing popcorn-cranberry garland)... My Christmas decorating often is done with pine, cedar, pine cones, red berries & what not. I guess you could same I'm a nature 'country prim' type of gal. smiley

I'm going to try my hand at making small tabletop christmas trees, using styrofoam cones as bases and all sorts of bits and pieces to cover them

I was thinking of trying to finish a quilt that I started this Sept....but my daughter calls me the other day, and said, "Hey if you have time, I'd love a quilt of chevrons for's on my Pinterest account." It's not a difficult pattern, just need several similar colored materials, But I'm not sure that I'll tackle it.

Also have several name ornaments to do for couples that got married this past year.

I am knee deep in Christmas Crafts, from handmade hoop art, decorated jars for coworkers, calendars for the grandparents and some wood/art Christmas themed gifts. I always start early to ensure I have enough time to finish them!

The kids and I usually add to our decorations by making something new every year. I make something new to decorate the table. This year I am also in charge of decorating the team room at work and have been trying to decide whether to go for a theme ie tradition, tropical Christmas etc ? but haven't decided yet. Then we do baked gifts in handcrafted containers for the neighbours and various other friends, family. Every year I told myself I would get organised and make a advent calender but the time seems to creep away and I don't get it done. This year I am determined it is going to happen.

lol it might be 'adventageous' if you start on those advent calendars soon Wendy. When you posted that it reminded me I have never gotten around to doing any either ...I'll race you!

Well, this is the year I've got to do settle on how to make some ADOREnament's for my kids. Next Nov/Dec will find them no doubt someplace far from us, overloaded with studies! So this is the year I need to make them their own set. 12 ornaments that we would read and decorate the tree with, one a night, or at least that's was originally how it worked. As things got busier, and then our daughter went off to college, even though it was close, it became more difficult to get them all in between Thanksgiving and Christmas.