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Thankful For

Thanksgiving is approaching, at least for us Americans, and to help get in the spirit I'd love to hear about your holiday traditions and what you're thankful for this year.

A few things I'm thankful for:

  • Crazy pets that keep me entertained.
  • Technology that keeps us connected to friends and family far away.
  • My Kindle and being able to check out library books anywhere.
  • Safety during turbulent times.
  • Hummus and falafel.

Thanksgiving at my house:
My family traditionally has kept very few traditions, and Thanksgiving can be a tricky holiday to celebrate abroad since it's tied to food which is often hard to get and often we still had school on Thanksgiving. I can remember many different meals, sometimes a local restaurant for Bolivian cuisine, or a meal with new friends when we had just moved to Hong Kong. This year I'm looking forward to celebrating Thanksgiving with some close friends because all our family is away (although soon to descend upon us for Christmas!).

Thankful for my husband of 28.5 years and my 2 Texas A&M Aggies, whom I miss very much ... thankful for my two Shih Tzus who keep me company and, like Marisa, entertained. Thankful for technology, especially when everything is working right! Thankful for our health, parents and that I live in the USA. Thankful for the freedom to go to church and worship The Lord Jesus Christ who lives in my heart and saved me from my sin by dying on the cross in my place, rising from the dead and ascending to the heavens and is now sitting at the right hand of the Father.

I am thankful for my two beautiful little guys, my husband, and my sister moving close to me this fall. Life is good.

Oh my thankful list is a long one, but at the top is certainly that I got to be a mom nine years ago, I'm glad I didn't miss that (almost did). I'm thankful for my country and the soldiers who serve, particularly those who leave their families behind and go overseas. I'm thankful that my family is reasonably healthy, that I get to do a lot of stuff I want to do. I'm thankful that at my age I still have both my parents. I'm thankful for this growing community of artists here at Pixel Scrapper.

We don't have any particular Thanksgiving traditions. Maybe we should start some.

Thankful for having everything I need. And thankful that the holiday season is beginning. And thankful for so many little things, that I would have enough time to write them all down!

ok, I just hit post reply for the comment above, and then there was a second post, which was completely empty (I'm modifying that empty space now). Don't know how that happened ... sorry!

I´m thankful for the sun that shines, for my amazing house, for the safety of my dears, for the health of all my cats, for the opportunity of knowing people from all over the world trough the internet, for all the bills I could pay this year, for being able to walk (this time last year I couldn´t walk for more than 15 minutes without feeling pain, now its ok if I rest ever 45 minutes standing up) and so on.

Here in my country we don´t have any kind of thanksgiving celebration. The moment of "Have a big familiar meal with turkey, breads, cakes, etc" is on Christmas.

My oh my, where to start with what I'm thankful for this year. This time last year was so filled with uncertainty. I was 4 months pregnant and dealing with a subchorionic hemmorhage (severe bleeding) and on bed rest. We weren't sure if I would be able to carry the baby to term. (It turns out that my water ended up breaking at 22 when I was 5 1/2 months along. My baby girl held out until her delivery at 28 +4 weeks.) At any rate, this time last year, we knew that we were going to fight tooth and nail for our tiny Sophia, but were never sure of what the outcome would be...whether there would be long term effects from the horrible pregnancy, the lack of amniotic fluid, the early birth, and the very rough first couple months of her life.

I realize that it's a cliche to say that you're thankful for your happy, healthy family...but this year I really don't think that I could be more thankful for just that. My husband and I have a beautiful 3 1/2 year old daughter who is the strongest (she spent months in the care of other family members while I was on bed rest and my husband worked), and most loving big sister that we could ask for. We have our sweet baby girl, who is the most tenacious and strong person that I've ever met. And I have an amazing husband who was our rock throughout the past very rough year of our lives. He continued to provide for us as well as keep me sane through such uncertain times. I really couldn't ask for more!

I hope each of you have had a very happy Thanksgiving!

I am thankful for life. Having been a breast cancer survivor you learn that each day is precious! I love family and life and am thankful for both!

I'm a little late since Thanksgiving was a week ago, but I figure you can never be too late in counting your blessings... so... I'm grateful for my family, especially my mom who is my rep-payee. She handles my bills and gets the payments from the disability and makes sure all my bills are paid... and because of that I just found out that I'm gonna be getting internet at my own apartment for Christmas,... so I'm tankful for some modicum of independence while still making sure that my finances don't get over run again like they had been...

I'm thankful for all the good years I had with my Grandmother... she's 96 years old and her health is failing and she gets confused very easily now... but instead of being sad that the end is growing ever closer I am happy and thankful for all the good years we had together.

Also, I'm thankful for my mom's friend Gwen who is helping me make my apartment livable (I'm a hoarder and it was a little out of control...) but slowly but surely my apartment is coming together and once I get fuel assistance since I'm disabled and living below the poverty line I should be able to move back to my apartment. So I'm thankful for that too!

Oh and I'm thankful that my Dad's chemo is almost over and hopefully he'll be cancer free!

Congrats on getting a new apartment! Jordan and I have been living with family for a while too, so I can understand your excitement in having a place of your own.

It's actually not new... I just haven't been able to live there since it was full of junk I hoarded... but it is slowly getting clean so I should be able to go back soon... I miss having my own space and not having to relocate the pages I was on on the internet because I was sharing the computer and the person closed all my