Making a Random Scatter

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Neat! That's beautiful!

wow u make it look so easy...i love the random scatter look but find it hard to pull off...thank u for the help

This is a fantastic tip!

Thanks for sharing that tutorial, I was always wondering how to make a pattern look random.

Great tut, been looking for this for ages, thank you.

ya lo he probado aqui tengo mis pinceles creados muchas gracias

Oh, must go to figure how this works on Gimp, thanks! Beeing random is hard for me even in physical world.

Great - thank you!

This is in Photoshop too do you use ulead photo impact at all. I would love to see some tutorials on that one. I am new to all this and do not have photoshop.

@Melouise I'm running PSE so I am interested in trying out the script, but I can't figure out how to download it. Once you click on the link there are so many different "download" buttons that I don't know what to pick. I've tried several different ones, but none of them come up with the name for the scatter script. It looks like they are trying to download exe files to help you with doing a download, or who knows what the exe file is for. I don't want to put junk on my system. I just want the exe for the scatter script.

Thank you for this tutorial Marisa! ^_^

Thanks for the tip (using as a template for placement) Would have never thought to do that. smiley

Thanks for the tutorial...very helpful!

Thank you. I will have to try this on my next layout.

Thanks for this! very helpful.

Thanks smiley


Thank you for the info but my pc/mcafee isn't liking this download from speedscrap at all though- both windows 8 and mcafee are going nuts!! smiley

Thanks For Sharing smiley

Like I said in another forum, I want to make it look like glitter was spilled on the page with no adhesive. Maybe if I make the spots small enough and create multiple random layers with slight shadows, it will give me that look.

Thanks so much for taking the time to share this! Such a fantastic and effective tool. Most appreciated.

I usually make and move every layer this tut will be very useful in cutting down my time spent on one image thank you!

Wonderful!! Need to go try this!

To make a scatter of an image ... seed bead, jewel etc .... and if it will be the same colour make a brush of that image and adjust it for the scatter .... if a different colour create a grey scale scatter of your image and then select the ones you want one colour with one of the selection tools and then to adjust colour ... adjust hue/saturation for that set and then go back and select the next group etc. For most elements that only have one colour I think it would work, especially if you have a large scatter

Awesome! Thanks for sharing!

Great tip thank-you

Thanks for this tutorial...amazing how simple it is to get out of my own head using this technique!

being random with my art is very hard for me! thank you for sharing!

Awesome ...thank you.
Now I just have to install and use smiley

Thanks for the tutorial! Very helpful!