What kind of learner are you?

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I am visual and a oral learner. I tend to do well with both. I have to see it in writing as well someone explain it to me too!

I think it depends on the subject matter. But overall I think it's a combination of audio/visual.
Especially, if Im learning a technique for the first time. I need to see it and hear the explanation.

I'm a visual learner, but reading helps. I actually tend to read the instruction manual haha

I am more of a visual and hands on type learner smiley

Definitely hands on, written tutorials, and videos ... but all those require you doing it yourself, and that's what's the most important for me, I don't do well with someone just showing me once and then leaving me to my own devices. Lol

im a visual touchy feely learner...the hairdresser in me i guess

I am a visual learner, if I have to read something forget it lol!

I learn best by watching and doing or by just playing around.

This is going to sound strange but for me it depends on the subject I'm learning about and also the space I'm in at that particular moment. Sometimes I want to see it, sometimes actually do it, sometimes I can read it. I have a kind of wonky photographic and auditory memory. However I cannot teach someone something. I do not have a teacher somewhere inside of me. I'm a learner all the way. So to those brave people out there that are willing to sit and show someone how to make or do something, gold stars because that is so difficult. I'm just thankful that there are people as great as teachers (occupational and otherwise) that are out there to guide us. smiley

Depends what the subject is! Generally I'm visual / auditory / sensory. When it comes to something like say, knitting, I need to be physically doing it to understand what's supposed to be happening. With languages, I need to hear it and repeat it, just reading it out of a book isn't enough and I really don't gain mastery over it- reasons Italian is easy and French is hard. D:

I am compulsive in taking notes when someone is explaining/lecturing. I need to write things myself to remember. When it comes to manuals written text with pictures works best! Nowadays I´m a slow learner compared to a few years ago. After a car-accident I live with cronic pain and that lead to exhaustion-syndrome and my learningskills and ability to concentrate is impared.

In my case, It can take me a while to learn, depending if it's something hard or easy smiley but once I get the hang of it, I can become an expert, everyone was a beginner once smiley

i am a fast learner, specially if i'm attract to it.. :)

I think I'm a visual learner. I do well with written tutorials that have pictures, and with video. Straight text I can learn ideas, but not physical objectives. As in, if I read a text on how to install a new bathroom sink, I could not do that. But if it has pictures, or a video, to go with it, then I understand it more quickly.

I like to learn through picture and text tutorials the most, but I can learn through videos. I need things really really spelled out for me though, because I tend to get confused easily.

I know photoshop really really well, but I have a hard time thinking of new ways to do things, whereas for some people, they can figure it out by looking at it, or just coming up with it on their own. I didn't use to be that way, I think it has something to do with medications I'm on for panic attacks. It makes me more easily confused and forgetful! smiley

I am a visual and hands on learner. I like to know why I am doing something as well as how to do it. It just helps me to understand better if I know why it is done a certain way.

video and text with pictures work for me ,,I like to see it ,but also like to read it ,so usually I watch a video how to do it but make notes at the same time ,sometimes I find written instuctions hard to follow so it there is a picture beside it show also what to do very helpful

Videos work well also but i learn best with a live teacher next to me showing me how to do something. I have severe ADHD among other learning disorders so learning new things is a very slow process.

I'm more audio than anything. They say most people are visual but definitely not me! Seeing pics especially with symbols does absolutely nothing for me - I even have trouble trying to figure out what some symbols are! Even the ones that everyone else knows. But if I hear the instructions, all I have to do is rewind them in my head as and when I need to and I'm off like a dogs robber smiley

@Janae: lovely name btw! So I have to say for the first time in a long time, I've been thrown by a phrase you used. I've never heard it used before... "Off like a dogs robber" What does this mean? Is there a story behind the origins? I love learning new phrases from different areas. smiley

I am crying with tears Shawna! ...sorry. I just burst out laughing when I read your post lol. Umm well we kiwis have a lot of sayings ...off like a dogs robber means basically you're away and running with the ball so to speak. And just to make sure that wasn't another kiwi only saying, in the context I used it, it meant I could understand what to do and nothing can stop me now smiley ...I love you name too smiley

I'm definitely a visual learner. I can't get through tutorials, I get a few steps along and skip ahead to how I think it should be done. Of course, sometimes I have to backtrack because it doesn't work lol.

@Janae: To make you laugh even more I had to look up Kiwi... and now I know that 's a nickname for New Zealander's. smiley
I'm learning tons from you today! I think if I said that in America, my friends might hide their puppies from me. Hee Hee

@Kim: Girlfriend!!! I totally understand this concept... the "Alt-Ctrl-Z" is my BEST friend!!! smiley

Of course, sometimes I have to backtrack because it doesn't work lol.

I like to check out videos, but mostly I learn by trial and error. I've had photoshop for a month now and it's
a trip playing with all the different things it can do.

I learn best by written instructions, and hands on.

I Most definitely learn better by hands on. I find myself easily confused if I am reading instructions. I find it much easier to be shown how to do it in front of me I even learn well by watching videos.

I see it, then do it over and over and over until I have it memorized. It's all in the doing.

I learn great when I can read directions step by step better for me to read then to be told or to see.

I learn best with written, step-by-step instructions that have screenshots to illustrate them.

I usually find that videos go too fast for me, and that the screen resolution means I can't actually see what the person is pointing at. Oh, and a pet hate of mine is when the mouse pointer is whizzing around all over the place, because the person doing the video is using hand gestures while they're talking (and forgets they have a mouse in their hand!)

However, if a video is at a reasonable pace, and the person doing it has a clear voice, it really is helpful to see what they're doing - but even then, a "cheat sheet" to accompany the video is a MUST, for me. I really have to have something I can print out to follow while I'm practicing.