Mini Kit Challenge - Deadline Nov 21

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Mini Kit Challenge - Deadline Nov 21

Here's your mini kit assignment for the week:

  • 5 patterned papers
  • 5 solid papers
  • 15 elements

I'm so glad to see this challenge! I missed the others. Thanks.

Great! Thank you for another great challenge! smiley

Can't wait to see all the creations. smiley

Here's the preview of my mini-kit "Lotus".

Download links: Elements, Papers 1, and Papers 2

Cute. I'll be working on mine!!

awww Kim.. this is so pretty, i love the pandas.. super cute!

@ Kim - that's so cute!! I love pandas. smiley

Here's my mini kit. Details on the kit and a quick layout are on my blog, if you're interested. Link below.

Sunday Morning Preview by zoenanai, on Flickr

Blog: smiley

Beautiful kits so far! smiley @Kim: Cute pandas! Nice and brigth colors @Amanda: Beautiful papers! I love the colors you put together.

My part:

It's actually a bigger kit with more papers which I designed a couple of months ago but it had no elements. So it was hard to choose just 10 papers smiley

@Amanda: Beautiful mini kit, I love the colors, thank you for sharing! smiley

Thank you ladies.

@Nadia - I love the blue & burnt orange together on your papers. Great combo. smiley

Amanda- I LOVE the colors in your kit!!

Thank you Andene. smiley

Here is my mini kit, I really love the color palette I used smiley
★ ★ ★

★ ★ ★
You can find this kit, coordinating glitter papers & word art in my blog

Mine is here too! Awesome contributions everybody! (Click image to go to blog post)

What gorgeous kits, and a variety too!!! Thank you for sharing your creations!!!!

These are gorgeous ladies!!!! WoW

Hi Marisa, I have a couple of questions please? Are we allowed to use templates from PixelScrapper to make our papers, or must it all be from scratch our own? And the 2nd question, if we don't have a blog or website to keep the mini kit that we want to enter into the challenge, what alternative can you suggest maybe please? If we enter the challenge, should we find a place where members can download it from for free?

Aah this is so cute Kim, well done, love all the brightness about it ~ feel happy just looking at it smiley

I have no idea if I'm doing this right, but I hope it all works... apologies in advance for incase something didn't go according to plan.
All the entries above are so nice, well done to all the ladies who took on the challenge, your kits are beautiful smiley

As I have no blog or website, I managed to upload the kit for you to download from:
Deposit Files download instructions:
Click on "Regular download" (if a pop up page opens, just immediately close it & you will be back on the original page),
Click "Download file in regular mode by browser" (it will do a countdown until next step),
Then enter the words you see in the box & press "continue",
Click Click "Download file in regular mode by browser" again and your download will start automatically.
File name:
File size: 66.46 MB and it would take about 5 minutes to download.

If the picture of the mini kit doesn't come up in the post here, you can view the kit at:
Thank you Marisa for giving us this challenge, it sure was fun doing it and I've been wanting to try something like this so much, so I am sitting with a huge big smile today, because "mission accomplished". But I take my hat of for designers and now I realize how much time, effort and hard work goes into creating paper or kits etc. So I truly respect what you and your team does and I appreciate it so much.

In my kit I used some templates from PixelScrapper, so all credit to you guys, thank you smiley then I would also like to credit freevintagedigistamps.blogspot for the retro image on the kit label.

@Maddy: I saw your comment from my phone yesterday, but I can't see it anymore smiley all I see is blank, That's weird!! Anyways!
Thank you so much for your kind words, glad you like my mini kit as many others, I enjoy making them for everyone smiley
Great mini kit by the way, Have a wonderful day! smiley

@Maddy: Looks great!

Very nice Maddy. smiley

@ Maddy: beautiful! smiley Thanks for joining us! smiley

Just a tip maybe you know already: you can also use other sites download programs for example like dropbox or mediafire which are easy in use. 4shared is also used alot but it's not so easy and you have to have an acount to be able to download.
I managed to download your kit but the download was really slow, I don't know if that was just for that moment.

Ah thank you Nadia, I will look into the other sites. I must confess, I'm not so good with internet sett ups and it was more difficult to upload my kit, than to design it hahaha, but hopefully one of your suggested sites would work easier in future. Thank you so much for telling me about them smiley

Very, very cute. Thank you.

Oh so very pretty. Thanks a bunch.

Oh wow! I haven't really peeked much into this forum, and I'm wishing I'd visited sooner. All of your mini-kits are beautiful!

Nadia - thank you for that tip about 4shared. That's what I use and I didn't realize that an account was necessary. I might switch to Mediafire soon.

★ Here's the preview of my "Mini Kit", Enjoy!
• • •

-Head over to My Blog! to download!
• • •
Have Fun Scrapping!