Can't find my downloads

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Can't find my downloads

Good morning, I have downloaded a few pages but can't find them in my download folder. How can I search for them on my computer, I don't have a name or product code to search them by.

Most downloads have the extension of .zip.

If you open Windows Explorer, Windows file system.

Select, click on the C: drive

On the top right of the window is the search feature input box, type in *.zip. This will tell the search engine to look for all zip files on your computer. You should see a list of all files with the extension of .zip. You will also see where the files are located on your hard drive.

If they are not zip files than search for .jpg, or .png, or .psd.

What browser are you using? I know that at least chrome and Firefox allow you to see what are the items you downloaded through them. On Chrome you can just press control+j on a new tab and it shows my download list. Then, I click on "show it in folder" in case I realise I saved on the wrong folder and need to know where it is.