ISO: Free crochet flower + greyscale conversion

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ISO: Free crochet flower + greyscale conversion

Is there anywhere we can find free crochet flower templates?

Is this what you mean??
I just googled crochet flower and ran it through OIE (online image editor & it's free) to gray scale it'
and transform it to transparent BG.
If you save it you might have to redo BG and convert to RGB profile;

Cathy, wow, what can I say? Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, a MILLION thank you's smiley You are amazing. And you've also taught me something really incredible now about grey scale to make it a template... as I have been wondering so much in my head the last few days how to make a template ~ its like you read my mind! Thank you VERY very much Cathy, I truly can't thank you enough

If you go into the tutorials there's a really good table of contents and you can pick up some useful info.
I almost passed on it but checked it out and was happy to find a simple useable table of content.
If the lessons are all jumbled in together I can't use it.

Cathy thanks, I also have been wondering how get one of those, and u have solved my problem, thanks smiley

Cathy, I have a little question for you smiley I just greyscaled something, and it worked brilliant thank you... but here is the predicament I found myself in... when I added color, everything stayed grey ~ have you ever came accross something like this before?

Sorry I didn't see this sooner.
As I mentioned you have to convert to RGB profile.
I have elements 12 and it's in with the image button where I go to resize etc.

Very cute Cathy, thanks!

Doesn´t PSE have a "desaturate" options? On photoshop it is on adjustments>desaturate. It takes out all the color of the picture, greyscaling it, without changing color mode. Also, I´ll change the topic name slightly and put it on a more appopriate forum...

Only had PSE for a month so I'm still finding stuff. sometimes it's just easier to do it my way until I learn more.
BTW I only figured out what PSE meant today, LOL everyday is a grand adventure

Great flower. I am still exploring PSE 11

Glad I joined this group. so many caring, sharing people. smiley Love all the helpful hints I'm learning by reading through the forums.

Mary: We're so glad to have you as part of our home on the internet. Please let us know if there's anything you need help with you can't find an answer to, that's why we're here. smiley Welcome to PS!!!

Shawna, thanks so much! It's nice to have others ,who share my love of digital designs and creating, to share with and learn from.

I have another set of crochet flowers in my Grandma's Kitchen Elements Kit that were made by using a template from this kit. The individual template and asset will be added to the site before too long.

Cathy, ty for the flower. xo

That's a nice looking flower.