Ctrl+Z in my mind

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Ctrl+Z in my mind

The other day I was drawing in real life, with a pencil and paper, when I made a mistake. Instead of reaching for my eraser I tried to ctrl+z the paper with my mind. I'm embarrassed to admit that this is not the first time this has happened. I may soon have to check myself in somewhere to have a computer detox.

Just wondering how crazy I am on the crazy-meter.

Not very. I use a headset on my house phone to talk to my mother and when we're done, I catch myself tapping the headset to hang up - my bluetooth works like that. smiley

no matter what program I am in, I now use ctrl + if I can't see the details on something and want a closer look... it actually does make things bigger in some programs, but the resolution doesn't keep up, hehe.

My thing is I play with my tablet a lot through-out the week. When I'm on my laptop... Hubby is always catching me trying to "touch screen" operate it and reminds me we only spent $300 on my laptop not a $1,000 LoL
Another thing I catch myself doing a lot is double spacing at the end of a sentence when on my laptop wondering why it's not creating a period. smiley

Shawna, my son took a media course a year or two ago, and "they" are now saying that standard form is NOT double spacing after a sentence. I think THEY are doing all this on purpose to TOTALLY mess with our minds...it will end up that nothing works the same way, and we'll all just go crazy! There's even a new commercial out for some "new" condition, I think its a brain damage/old age condition, from the ads. "Do you know someone who laughs at nothing? Or bursts out crying? It might be (condition official name) So don't think their crazy call it what it is,#name, a real condition." It will start with the constant ads, then acceptance of it as 'normal' from us older ones, then because of technology ALL the younger ones will get it too.... Government/media cover up complete!!! As we all slowly go out of our minds, and go crazy!!! smiley waaa haa haaaaa smiley


(had to typo-proof this post this evening...was on hubby's phone earlier, and it was pulling one of those auto-word-selects. YUGH!)

... eventually everything we do as we get older will be "wrong"... but we kind of figured that was coming, since we always told our parents that about themselves from the time we were about 16. smiley LoL that and the fact they had absolutely NO idea what it was like being a teenager in high school... b'wahahahahaha

This is crackin' me up!

I received a picture on my facebook and my first thought was "what a nice/weird background paper.
Turns out it was where my friend burned her tummy.
I scraped anyway. LOL

After finally realizing it just doesn't work to control z when I'm not at the keyboard, I managed to break the habit. Now I just have to concentrate on realizing I am NOT ON PLAY STATION when I'm driving on a real road!

I try to touch screen EVERYTHING. I also get angry when the red squiggle lines don't show up when I'm writing on paper.

@Amber: Now... that would be an AWESOME thing to have!!! LoL

I also get angry when the red squiggle lines don't show up when I'm writing on paper.

I do that all of the time. Playing with Photoshop every single day does that to you!!! Sometimes I even touch my computer screen at work thinking it is my touch pad at home...oh boy...Creative Mindlessness at it's best!!

We have a television commercial in Australia for a motoring organisation that has someone wishing he could just Ctrl-Z all the bad things in life!