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top navigation bar anchored

I would love it if the navigation bar didn't scroll up with the rest of whatever page you are looking at. Sometimes I get to the bottom of a thread and want to go somewhere else and instead of scrolling back up I actually go to the pixelscrapper homepage from my favorites. Maybe it is silly but I think it would be really cool.

Thanks for the idea Kaleena! I think it's a really good one. The only potential issue is for people using small screens or mobile devices, because they might want to utilize all of their limited screen space... but I will definitely think about this smiley

ohhh dang I was here in this forum to post this request too and found this thread about it. I really really would love the navigation bar to be fixed as well. How about this as a solution much as I dislike it but in this case second best is better than no solution at all smiley about if you don't anchor it but instead do a hover feature if you hover your mouse over the top area of the screen the navigation bar pops up there and you can use it then