A big thank you to Marisa & Jordan

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A big thank you to Marisa & Jordan

I didn't even think of the fact that in parts of the world Thanksgiving is around the corner. But after seeing how Marisa and Jordan are working so hard to make this site run well, I just wanted to say a big fat "Thank You" for making this place happen for us, and for working so hard to make this a wonderful experience for all of us.

And thank you for the patience you guys have with all of our questions (and complaints)!

Very well stated. I couldn't agree more!!

Yes, thank you

Here, Here! Thanks so much!

Thank you for the thank you's smiley . It's a pleasure to do work for such a nice community smiley

Yes thanks to you both so much.

So thankful you are all here to appreciate it!

I'd just like to add my heartfelt thank yous to the mix since I'm a firm believer that a person can never be thanked too much for a job well done. Y'all pay such close attention to such little details that would otherwise get overlooked in other communities and I feel like that fact and the fact that you're both so intimately involved in the community and not just building a website really benefits all the community members in a positive way. So thank you for giving us a warm, inviting, well tended place to congregate.