Name appearing on bottom of the picture

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Name appearing on bottom of the picture

Hi Jordan, hi Marisa!

Just to let you know that I loved the way our names are showing up now in the forums. Its modern and beautiful smiley

(PS: I couldn´t find an ideal forum to post it, so I hope you don´t mind for it being on chit chat smiley )

A nice look and easy to read.

Jordan's special Thanksgiving tweak! It looks good.

I was wondering if anyone would notice -- glad you like it smiley


Very nice! smiley

It;s nice to be able to put a name to a face! smiley

i too like the opacity to it... looks great!

It does look great and it's got a sleekness to it that is appealing visually.... it's almost like we're sitting at a table with each other and we have name plaques in front of us so everyone knows who everyone else is... thanks Jordan for doing all the little things that make this site so great!