how do I find assets I don't know what to call?

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how do I find assets I don't know what to call?

How do I find stuff in assets I don't seem to be able to use the search properly I guess.
What I was looking for were paper shapes like round or those fancy shapes I don't even know what to call them.
I'm probable not even in the right forum.

this is what I mean BUT now I'll just make my own.

We have lots of templates, that using a clipping mask, you can easily clip any paper to it and have a fun shape.

To find actual finished assets, I'd try the shape/cutout/stamp category, which is vague enough to cover anything!

Yea... what Marisa said... smiley

Sorry Cathy, I wasn't able to answer you quicker. I'm only able lately to log in about once every 24 hours (except on slow days). It's been very busy around my house lately which always happens in November and December. Family reunions, holidays, etc.

We're so glad to have you as part of our community!

Cool I get it. I learn something new here every day, love it. Thanks

just an add: The name of not-so-basic shapes sometimes are hard to imagine, at least for me, as English is not my mother tongue. But I learned that the name of the shape you showed is "bracket" after a long and frustrating time trying to find templates for it. If you´re using it only to make digiscrap stuff for yourself, there are some fonts with shapes istead of letters. My favorite is 9kutups.

I just had the same problem trying to find the word for 'garland'. I ended up typing the Dutch word for it into Google Translate, and picked the one that sounded the most likely...

Another great tip if you don't even know the word for it in your own language: in Google you can search similar images. Click on 'Images' next to 'Web' directly beneath the search bar. The search bar itself now displays a little camera. If you click on the camera a little popup opens where you can either paste an image-URL or upload your own image! That way you can find similar images and check their names smiley

Thanks you guys are the boss!!!

@Melo: That is a GREAT idea about finding a similar photo if you're not sure what it's called!!!