Unlimited download subscriptions can now be gifted

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Unlimited download subscriptions can now be gifted

In preparation for Christmas, unlimited download subscriptions can now be gifted to other people (for one year at a time) by going to http://www.pixelscrapper.com/gift/membership .

We want to test this option out, so for the time being existing subscribers can get a whopping 75% discount off of subscriptions that they gift to other people by using coupon code GIFT during checkout (see this screenshot for where to enter coupon). That means one year of unlimited personal use downloads for $24.75 or one year of commercial use downloads for $48.75.

Gift subscriptions can be scheduled to deliver at any date in the future, and recipients do not need to have a Pixel Scrapper account. Furthermore, gift subscriptions are 100% refundable for up to 30 days if they are not claimed.

More FAQs

How will the recipient be notified of their gift subscription?
They will be notified via email. If they do not claim the gift membership immediately, they will be reminded once a week via email.

Does the gift recipient need to have a Pixel Scrapper account?
No: if they do not have a Pixel Scrapper account, an account will be created for them during the gift-code claiming process.

How will I know if the recipient receives and claims the gift subscription?
You will be sent an email once per week until the recipient claims their gift membership.

What happens if the recipient never claims their gift subscription?
You will receive a copy of the gift code when making the purchase. If the recipient does not want to claim the code you can request a refund, send it to someone else, or apply the credit to your own Pixel Scrapper account.

Are gift subscriptions refundable?
Yes! we can refund any gift membership that has not been claimed for up to 30 days after purchase. Once the gift code is claimed, it can no longer be refunded.

What if...I ask for, and receive this gift certificate for professional use from my husband for Christmas? Can the files I already downloaded for PU be used for CU (since I would now have a CU license), or do I have to re-download the same files again?

That is a good question Julie, and I would like to know the answer. I want to have the cu subscription as well, and I have a birthday coming up, perhaps I could get my hubby to give me this! haha.

@Julie: As far as I remember, yes it can! But let´s wait for Jordan´s or Marisa´s official answer on that.

@Jordan: I LOVE the idea of gifting subscriptions... I wish my currency was dollar smiley

@Julie, Marlene: yes, if you upgrade to a commercial subscription, you can use your previous downloads for commercial purposes: you do not need to download them again.

@Lórien: you should still be able to purchase the gift subscriptions even if your currency is not USD... or do you mean, just because the exchange rate is bad?

@Jordan yeah - awful exchange rate these days smiley And government taking small but annoying measures against people buying from international websites smiley So sad for an "open" and "globalized" economy...

Excellent. My Christmas list is complete. smiley

If I already have a CU account and get one as a gift (thinking of putting it on my Christmas list too!) after the year is up, will I still be eligible for the $10/month CU rate that I have now from subscribing early on?

@Dana: unfortunately, because of how our subscription system works, any special monthly rates that you have taken advantage of are only good for as long as you stay subscribed (once you unsubscribe, or subscribe on a different plan, the system "forgets" about the first offer that you had).

Good to know! Thanks for all of the wonderful work you all do smiley

Dang, I was so busy with the holiday, then putting things together for the blog train that I missed out on this! For some reason I thought this was good through Cyber Monday, so I was going to go in last night after work and take advantage of cyber Monday and purchase this. Boo. Hope you do it again just one last time before Christmas. smiley

Hi, Just so I understand clearly ... If I gift this to someone, they can start to download right away w/o points and all that. The word 'unlimited' is for them to access unlimited downloads and usage (with commercial pkg option) right away or daily for one full year from usage start? No points gathered needed? Is this correct? And.. Is the 75% off the scratched out price of $20.000 monthly or off the &10.00 monthly price I see listed for commercial use? Thank you for any clarification you can give me. smiley Echo

Ohhh. It looks like maybe points are still used/required from looking through your site again this morning. I get why you do that but for me it is a slight deterrent as I do adore your offerings but running my business and having a large family take up most of my time on a regular basis and when I am working for a customer I do not want to gather or buy more points to get my job done as this is full time for me. I just want to buy a membership and be able to use it to my needs how is best for me. I mean no disrespect in this comment at all as I said I do see why you do it but with so many options out here in cyber world and being a graphic artist myself I need time saving choices not more social obligation ones per say. I really like your creations and wish you all a fabulous Holiday Season and a healthy - prosperous New Year too. smiley Echo

p.s. I am going to come back later today to see if there is more clarification on the word 'Unlimited + Membership + Downloads + Points' posted here. I promise not to write anything to long here on this one. Hahaha.. Hope to see a reply from the site owners so I can make a decision today and move on from there. Thanks again! smiley Echo

Hi Echo. The unlimited download subscriptions do not require the use of download credits or community points: as soon as you sign up for the subscription (or gift it to someone else) you can begin downloading as much as you want from the site immediately. There are no bandwidth limits or download limits in place: if you want to download every kit and bundle on the site within the first day, you can do that.

The 75% off is regarding the original price (not any discounted price). So $48.75 for a year of commercial use, or $24.75 for a year of personal use.

Hope that helps. Let me know if you have any further questions.

It was super helpful and I am excited for the membership offer. Rockin' good! I will be passing this offer around to my circle right away too.

Hey Jordan, Please see my email when you have time for an update. Thanks!

Hi again Just checking in to see if any news on my cart yet. Maybe soon. Thanks.

Jordan, Looking for some help with my cart as it seems to be broken. Would love to follow up and commit as we discussed in emails a few days back. Thanks. Echo smiley


Hi Echo, I have just sent you an email.