Making Digital Scrapbook Paper Help

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Making Digital Scrapbook Paper Help

Does anyone know of any tutorial links for making digital paper from vector images? I know how to make very basic patterns, but would love to learn how to make digital papers with repeating multiple vector images (such as snowmen, trees, snowflakes evenly distributed over a 3600 jpg paper file).

Hi there, well I ususally make my pages using vector images, unfortunatly I have not gotten to writting a tut yet, but heres what I do, I open a 2 by 2 inch 300 dpi transparent image, then add a basic color layer, and any other vector object layer, or a brush layer, and apply a seamless plugin to that vector/brush layer , and then open a 12 by 12 inch new image document and flood fill this new image with the smaller image, hope I'm making sense, if not I'm sorry smiley
Its like make a seamless smaller pattern and then flood fill the bigger image