Welcome New Designer: Brooke Gazarek!

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Welcome New Designer: Brooke Gazarek!

Today is a momentous day, we are welcoming our first new designer to Pixel Scrapper!

Brooke Gazarek is an artist who uses multiple types of medium to create fun and exciting results. She has a fine arts degree from Bowling Green State University and has been a freelance graphic designer for over 12 years - working with a variety of clients. She is also a photographer, digital scrapbook store owner and designer.

Brooke is married to a wonderful, loving, and supportive husband and a mom to two energetic boys, and a not-to-be-forgotten cuddly dog, Toby.

Brooke is super excited to be a designer with Pixel Scrapper and to share her assets/designs with the Pixel Scrapper community!

Stop by and check out her profile and her designs for Pixel Scrapper, which I'm sure will be growing over the next several days. Right now she's uploading assets for her Sports Basics Kit.

I am super excited to work with Brooke and can't wait to see what she adds to the community. Be sure to give her a big thank you for her generosity in allowing her designs to be downloaded for personal and commercial use for free!

Keep in mind that with our first new designers, I'm sure several things will need to be tweaked, and that we're all doing our best to get a new system in place. So bear with us while we get this started!

Great to have you with us Brook. Your designs look fantastic and I will sit here waiting in anticipation for new ones.


A warm welcome! Your first assets are great! I can´t wait to see what you´ll share with us smiley

Welcome Brooke, nice designs except I willl have Beetlejuice running through my head all day now smiley

welcome brooke!! look forward to seeing your work

Congratulations, Brooke! smiley Can't wait to see your designs...

Congratulations Brooke, and welcome to Pixel Scrapper. THANK YOU for sharing your designs with the community. May this kindness return to you ten-fold!

Thanks, everyone, for the warm welcome! I'm excited about what is happening here at Pixel Scrapper!

Welcome Brooke! The first uploads look really promising, can't wait for the rest!

Your designs are super cute! So glad you are designing for PS smiley

Yay! so glad you have joined the sight! I appreciate all you do!

Hi Brooke, welcome to Pixel Scrapper. Great designs from what I see. Oh and by the way, if you graduated from Bowling Green University in Ohio, my Dad did too...but that was back in 1949 or 1950!

Welcome Brooke! So many exciting things happening around this place!

Janet - yes, Bowling Green State University in Ohio! I still live in Ohio, in the town of Delaware. It is just north of Columbus, Ohio. The weather is getting colder now - but cold weather is great for staying in and scrapping! smiley

Wow Brooke, I can't believe you live in Delaware! I grew up in Sunbury, oh so close to you. I live in Utah now, but I get back a few times a year to visit family.

Brooke: Welcome!!! I've already gotten a few pieces to the sports kit. Looking forward to getting more. Thank you for joining in the sharing of your lovely designs with us. I also checked out your blog/store today. Lots of lovely lovely things you create. Can't wait to get to know you better as time goes by.

Danelle, NO WAY! I can't believe you grew up in Sunbury! My neighbor across the street is from Utah! smiley

Shawna - thanks for the kind words smiley I'm excited to get to know you too!