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Get more #siteupdates via Twitter/Facebook

For those interested, I've started posting site updates to Pixel Scrapper's Twitter feed and Facebook page. Marisa and I are working hard on this site every day, but some of the work isn't flashy, or immediately evident (I have to deal with support requests and do a lot of server work and maintenance in addition to working on new site features, for instance).

I'm going to try and keep posts in this forum limited to some of the more "exciting" new features and site improvements. For small items and general work updates, I'll be posting to Twitter and Facebook using the #siteupdate hash. So if you want to know what I'm doing from day to day, check one of these feeds (I'll try to post at least once a day):

ha jordan, i feel like i need someone else to work on my facebook and blog LOL just so something gets posted. someday i would actually like to have someone read them LOL.

great idea... I need to form the new habit of checking the FB page and Blog daily...

Quest for you Jordan: DO the posts you make to the blog and/or twitter all get shared on FB? I know some site FB pages I read they make the blogs post onto their FB page as a link to remind people to check the blog. just curious smiley

@Shawna: Good question. Generally everything should get posted to both Facebook and Twitter.