LAD Oct 2013 Prompt #3: Telephone

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Oh, I'd like to play!

ok smiley
I added you to the list Alison

Next time we do this we should divide the participants into "teams" so we can have multiple groups working on pages at once.
Plus, adding the "racing" factor to the game will get our competitive juices flowing and keep everything moving.
And we should probably start it at the beginning of the month and have the deadline be at the end of the month if at all possible.
Even if we give everyone 3-5 days to complete their page, as long as we don't have more than 6-8 people on a "team" we should still finish by the end of that month.

I'll bet your DYING to see everything Kaleena since you made your page in early Oct!

Those are great ideas, Tiffany.

I want to see all the pages but I am dying to post my layout because I love it!

I agree tiffany, good idea. I've been checking on here every day to find out if it's my turn yet smiley

The current layout was sent to Rebekah 15 days ago. 3 days ago I sent her a message to remind her and have gotten no response, how long should we wait before moving on to the next person?

If I have any say I think move on and if she contacts you later we can come back to her.

OK - then we will move on. Sharon-Dewi, can you please send your layout to Jess.

I just send a link to my layout to Jess. I'm so excited to see the evolution in the layouts everyone has made!
I also like the ideas of Tiffany a lot for the next time. I think adding a "racing" factor to the game will indeed keep everything moving more.

Received, thank you. I'll get on it asap and send mine on.

I sent mine on, but accidentally sent it to Rachelle, not realising there were 3 in the cue before her! so sorry everyone! Rachelle, can you please send yours onto Catherine?

Awesome! Here is the new telephone line order:

Are we stuck again?

I finally got mine done. (I had actually forgotten about the challenge until I received an email from Jess.) So, I just sent mine to Catherine.

Awesome! I am glad that you got it done. Getting closer to the end now. Can't wait to see the layouts.

Now it is:

So - I think I am going to call this finished. As today is December 31st. Sorry to those who didn't get their turn this time around - needless to say we have learned a lot about how a challenge like this one may (or may not) work better in the future.

I will be updating my first post in this thread so that it has my layout in it - those of you who were able to participate can to the same.

Good call Kaleena. I posted mine!

I love seeing the layouts. Hope to see the rest soon smiley

I'm looking forward to the rest too! I'd love to see how they progressed after mine, and what elements I added that got carried on! Hehe. Perhaps if there are no new ones in a week we should message people to upload? This is definitely where a notification feature would help.